Realheart to present international research at two conferences this summer

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Realheart collaborates with several international researchers to develop the world's first artificial four-chamber heart. Results from two such research studies will be presented at scientific conferences in Washington, DC, June 10-12 and Milan July 11-14. Both focus on researching how the product performs in different scenarios.

‘’This research is incredibly important for understanding how Realheart TAH performs and identifying any areas that need improvement. These are collaborations at the absolute forefront of research together with experts who possess unique cutting-edge expertise. We are proud to present the results at these conferences, and believe that it will increase trust and interest both in our product and in our brand’’ said Realheart's CEO Ina Laura Perkins.

The first presentation will take place at the annual meeting of the American Society of Artificial Internal Organs in Washington, DC, June 10-12, where Dr. Libera Fresiello from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven will show results from tests of Realheart TAH in a hybrid simulator – a model of human blood circulation where one can study how the product interacts with the body.

The project includes the tests of the atrial pressure sensors in combination with the automatic algorithm in the control unit. It is partly funded by the Vinnova Medtech4Health initiative.

At the same conference, Realheart's PhD student at the University of Bath, Joseph Bornoff, will give a poster presentation with an update on the ongoing computer simulation project, which will later be presented in more detail at the annual meeting of the European Society of Biomechanics in Milan July 11-14.

The purpose of this research is to build a new and more detailed model of the new version of the Realheart TAH under development and then use the model to simulate, among other things, how the blood flows inside the pump and identify the best settings for improved blood handling.

‘’Blood flow is a key in the development of our artificial heart. If we can reduce the risk of side effects, which is a problem with existing technology, we will be able to save many more lives with a greater quality of life for patients while at the same time reducing health care costs’’ said Ina Laura Perkins.

Both conferences are mainly conducted digitally.

For more information please contact:

Ina Laura Perkins, CEO

Phone: +46(0)70 406 49 21 


Scandinavian Real Heart AB develops a total artificial heart (TAH) for implantation in patients with life-threatening heart failure. Realheart TAH has a unique, patented design that resembles that of the natural human heart. The artificial heart consists of a four-chamber system (two atriums and two chambers) which provides the opportunity to generate a physiologically adapted blood flow that mimics the body's natural circulation. A unique concept in the medical technology world.



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