Redsense announces successful completion of Redsense Clamp study in Canada

Redsense Medical announces the completion of a clinical study with Redsense Clamp, an accessory to the company’s blood leakage alarm enabling automatic stop of the blood flow independent of the dialysis machine, by the University Health Network in Toronto, Canada. The results from the study will be published in two separate scientific articles.

The study was conducted with Canadian home dialysis patients that used the Redsense blood leakage alarm together with Redsense Clamp. Dr Christopher Chan, Medical Director of the Home Hemodialysis Unit at University Health Network and a recognized expert in the field, was the principal investigator of the study.

“I am excited that Redsense Clamp worked well in this study, as this accessory will become an important tool if we are to be able to offer the best possible patient safety for all dialysis patients. The collaboration with Dr Christopher Chan and his team has worked well since the very beginning of the project when the first idea for the accessory came up in a conversation I had with Dr Chan,” says Redsense Medical’s CEO Patrik Byhmer.

“The development of Redsense Clamp is an important project than can contribute to finally eliminating severe blood leakage in connection with hemodialysis. It is therefore inspiring that this study was a success, and I look forward to continue our collaboration with Redsense Medical,” says Dr Christopher Chan.

The next step in the project is to develop a market ready version of the Redsense Clamp and conduct a usability study. This version will be so easy to use that it can be offered to solo home dialysis patients.

About Redsense Clamp
Redsense Clamp is developed to enable the Redsense blood leakage alarm to offer the highest possible patient safety also together with dialysis machines without a direct connection to the alarm. Currently, only the DBB-EXA dialysis machine from Nikkiso is equipped with a direct connect and thus the ability to stop the blood flow automatically and instantly if a blood leakage is detected. With Redsense Clamp, this important functionality can be offered without having to upgrade to a specific dialysis machine.

For more information, please contact
Patrik Byhmer, CEO Redsense Medical AB (publ)
Telephone: +46 (0) 35 - 10 60 30

About Redsense Medical

Redsense Medical is a corporate group with operations mainly in Europe and the United States. The company has developed the Redsense system, a medical technology product used for monitoring and alarm in the case of blood leakage in connection with hemodialysis. Redsense solves one of the most serious remaining safety problems within hemodialysis – to quickly detect venous needle dislodgement and catheter leakage and minimizing blood leakage. The system consists of a patented fiber optic sensor, designed for either venous needle or central venous catheter, which is connected to an alarm unit. The company has also developed an internationally standardized direct connection enabling compatible dialysis machines to stop the blood flow automatically when blood leakage occurs. From the very start, the development of the company's technology has been based on the demands and safety requirements of healthcare providers in the dialysis sector. 

This information is such information that Redsense Medical AB (publ) is obligated to publish in compliance with the EU market abuse regulation. This information was provided, through the above contact, for publication on October 29, 2018.


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