Redsense is finalizing an agreement in Switzerland with a distributor of dialysis machines that connects directly to the company's alarm system

Redsense Medical is finalizing an agreement to sell the company's alarm system for detection of blood leakage with Theramed AG in Switzerland, who is also distributor of dialysis machines that can connect directly to Redsense Medical´s alarm system for increased functionality. Theramed has already published a customer magazine where Redsense is presented.

Redsense Medical is noticing an increasing market acceptance for the company's alarm system for blood leakage in both Europe and the United States. Since the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) recently adopted the PAS 63023 standard for connecting the company's system directly to dialysis machines, the interest has increased further.

"Switzerland is in the forefront when it comes to using leading medical equipment, which makes this agreement worthy of attention although the region does not represent a significant market in absolute terms", says Redsense Medical's CEO Patrik Byhmer.

He explains that dialysis machines equipped with a direct connection to the company's alarm system offer a distinctive advantage over competitors.

"A dialysis machine that is directly connected to our alarm system provides a high level of patient safety if blood leakage occurs thanks to an instant and automatic shutdown of the blood flow. So far, the connection is validated for dialysis machines from the Japanese company Nikkiso, and we have ongoing discussions with additional manufacturers", says Patrik Byhmer.

Redsense Medical aims to finalize and sign the agreement with Theramed AG in Switzerland within June.

For more information, please contact
Patrik Byhmer, CEO Redsense Medical AB (publ)
Telephone: +46 (0) 35 - 10 60 30

This press release is a translation of the Swedish original that was published 2017-05-17, and it was previously posted exclusively on the Redsense Medical website. It was added to the Redsense news channel as a formatted document in September 2017 during the process of preparing the company for a list change to Nasdaq First North.

About Redsense Medical
Redsense Medical is a corporate group with operations mainly in Europe and the United States. The company has developed the Redsense system, a medical technology product used for monitoring and alarm in the case of blood leakage in connection with hemodialysis. Redsense solves one of the most serious remaining safety problems within hemodialysis – to quickly detect venous needle dislodgement and catheter leakage. The system consists of a patented fiber optic sensor, designed for either venous needle or central venous catheter, which is connected to an alarm unit. From the very start, the development of the company's technology has been based on the demands and safety requirements of healthcare providers in the dialysis sector.


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