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  • Redsense Medical: Hospital in Scotland first in the world to install Redsense blood leakage alarm that shuts off the blood flow automatically

Redsense Medical: Hospital in Scotland first in the world to install Redsense blood leakage alarm that shuts off the blood flow automatically

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Redsense Medical announces that University Hospital Crosshouse in Kilmarnock, Scotland, will be first in the world to install Redsense blood leakage alarms that can also shut off the blood flow automatically in case of a blood leakage. Presently, this functionality demands that the dialysis machine is equipped with an interface in accordance with an international standard (IEC PAS 6302).

The order was made through Health Tec Medical, Redsense Medical’s distributor in the UK, and the company expects a gradual increase in the number of orders of this kind going forward.

"This functionality is a major step towards a zero vision for the number of deaths associated with hemodialysis treatment, and it is therefore a strong argument for clinics that need new dialysis machines and are committed to providing leading patient safety. A good example of this is the large public procurement in Italy last autumn where our partner Spindial was selected as one of the winners," says Redsense Medical’s CEO Patrik Byhmer.

During 2017 and 2018, the company has signed several distribution agreements in Europe that makes it possible to offer Redsense together with directly compatible dialysis machines.

"In addition to our partners in the UK and Italy, Medicole in Belgium, Hemotech in France, Theramed in Switzerland and Sormedica in the Baltic region also offer this complete solution to its clients. We expect to add more companies to this list during 2018," says Patrik Byhmer.

For more information, please contact
Patrik Byhmer, CEO Redsense Medical AB (publ)
Telephone: +46 (0) 35 - 10 60 30
Email: patrik.byhmer@redsensemedical.com
Website: www.redsensemedical.com

About Redsense Medical
Redsense Medical is a corporate group with operations mainly in Europe and the United States. The company has developed the Redsense system, a medical technology product used for monitoring and alarm in the case of blood leakage in connection with hemodialysis. Redsense solves one of the most serious remaining safety problems within hemodialysis – to quickly detect venous needle dislodgement and catheter leakage and minimizing blood leakage. The system consists of a patented fiber optic sensor, designed for either venous needle or central venous catheter, which is connected to an alarm unit. The company has also developed an internationally standardized direct connection enabling compatible dialysis machines to stop the blood flow automatically when blood leakage occurs. From the very start, the development of the company's technology has been based on the demands and safety requirements of healthcare providers in the dialysis sector.

This information is such information that Redsense Medical AB (publ) is obligated to publish in compliance with the EU market abuse regulation. This information was provided, through the above contact, for publication on the 2nd of February 2018.


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