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  • Redsense Medical receives international patent opinion regarding the Company’s first smart wound care invention

Redsense Medical receives international patent opinion regarding the Company’s first smart wound care invention

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Redsense Medical announces today thatit has received theInternational Search Report and Written Opinion issued by the International Searching Authority regarding its international application no. PCT/SE2019/050721, filed August 2019 under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. The opinion was completed in October 2019. All claims under the Opinion have been found to be novel and have “inventive step” (i.e., to be non-obvious). The invention is also considered industrially applicable. The PCT application was based on the Company’s previously communicated Swedish patent for optical measuring of several physiological and biological parameters, such as blood and exudate.

“We are very pleased to report this result. The examiner’s report is entirely positive, which puts us in a very favourable position; we can when we receive the patent proceed to nationalize the PCT application in the respective countriesof interestsays Patrik Byhmer, CEO of Redsense Medical AB.

The technology will be used as one of the components in the Company’s smart bandages, enabling personalized and resource-efficient wound care, and the Company aims to securea strong patent protection for it on all important regional markets.

“Redsense has a unique solution with enormous potential to improve the global wound care. At this point, we are also looking forward to the international patent opinion regarding our second invention, which we expect to receive in March 2020”, says Patrik Byhmer.

The PCT application will be published in February 2020.

The global market for wound care products
The wound care market was valued at approximately USD 18 billion in 2016, and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.3 % until 2023. The primary drivers of market growth are an ageing global population, a larger number of diabetics and increasing investments in research and development, which is also expected to lead to new research discoveries in this area. Chronic wounds are expected to constitute most of the wound care market up until 2022.

What is PCT? 

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is an international agreement allowing you to file a single application in one language and get an international filing date. That means the application is considered as filed in all the PCT contracting states, more than 140, on that date. A PCT application itself does not lead to a patent, rather to an international search and a written opinion regarding patentability (novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability).

The PCT is administered by the UN agency World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) with its headquarters in Geneva. A PCT application is dealt with in one or two phases. First, a mandatory international search is carried out (phase I), which results in an International Search Report (ISR). Then, the applicant can request an optional international preliminary examination (phase II), which results in an International Preliminary Report on Patentability (IPRP Chapter II).

For more information, please contact:

Patrik Byhmer, CEO Redsense Medical AB (publ)

Phone: +46 35 10 60 30




Redsense Medical is a corporate group with operations mainly in Europe and the United States. The company has developed the Redsense System, an innovationused for monitoring and alarm in the case of blood leakage in connection with a hemodialysistreatment. Redsense Medical solves one of the most serious remaining safety problems within hemodialysis – to quickly detect VenousNeedle Dislodgement and catheter leakage tominimizeblood leakage. The system consists of a patented fiber optic sensor, designed for either venous needle or central venous catheter, which is connected to an alarm unit. From the very start, the development of the company's technology has been based on the demands and safety requirements of healthcare providers in the dialysis sector.


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