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  • Redsense signs collaboration agreement with home hemodialysis expert Physidia to increase patient safety

Redsense signs collaboration agreement with home hemodialysis expert Physidia to increase patient safety

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Redsense Medical has signed a collaboration agreement with Physidia, a French dialysis company focusing on the home hemodialysis market. The collaboration includes a direct connection with the Redsense blood leakage alarm with Physidia’s S3 dialysis monitor.

Physidia is the second dialysis monitor manufacturer to include a direct connection to Redsense in accordance with the PAS 63023 standard. The direct connection enables the dialysis monitor to stop the blood flow automatically when Redsense detects a blood leakage, effectively minimizing the risk of severe blood loss.

“We are working hard to get additional manufacturers to include the PAS 63023 connection in their dialysis machines, and this agreement is an important step forward. It is also inspiring to be able to collaborate with a manufacturer that has a strong focus on the fast-growing home dialysis segment. We are convinced that this growth trend will continue as home dialysis enables a number of benefits for the patient,” says Redsense Medical’s CEO Patrik Byhmer.

“As innovators on the dialysis market focusing on providing the best therapy for the patient, Physidia and Redsense Medical share a similar mindset. We are therefore excited to start up this collaboration, and to be able to provide even greater patient safety by integrating a direct connection to Redsense’s market-leading blood leakage alarm in future versions of our S3 monitor. With the expected growth of the home hemodialysis market, more patients with broader profiles will be enabled to treat at home and our future developments tend to achieve the highest level of ease-of-use and safety for everyone” says Physidia’s CEO Jérôme Augustin.

About Physidia
Physidia was founded in 2010 and has established itself as a European expert in home dialysis being present today in 16 countries. The company provides the S3 , an innovative home hemo dialysis monitor, together with an easy-to-use consumable package and home patient service solutions, to dialysis care providers in Europe. Physidia’s home therapy portfoliois based on several technological breakthroughs, offering a simple, portable and connected device, whilst ensuring a treatment performed in total autonomy. In addition to its operations in France, Physidia has a subsidiary in the UK and distribution partners covering additional parts of Europe, including Germany, Spain, Italy, Benelux region and the Nordic countries. 

For more information, please contact
Patrik Byhmer, CEO Redsense Medical AB (publ)
Telephone: +46 (0) 35 - 10 60 30
Email: patrik.byhmer@redsensemedical.com
Website: www.redsensemedical.com

About Redsense Medical

Redsense Medical is a corporate group with operations mainly in Europe and the United States. The company has developed the Redsense system, a medical technology product used for monitoring and alarm in the case of blood leakage in connection with hemodialysis. Redsense solves one of the most serious remaining safety problems within hemodialysis – to quickly detect venous needle dislodgement and catheter leakage and minimizing blood leakage. The system consists of a patented fiber optic sensor, designed for either venous needle or central venous catheter, which is connected to an alarm unit. From the very start, the development of the company's technology has been based on the demands and safety requirements of healthcare providers in the dialysis sector.

Redsense Medical AB is listed on Spotlight Stock Market (ticker: REDS).

This information is such information that Redsense Medical AB (publ) is obligated to publish in compliance with the EU market abuse regulation. This information was provided, through the above contact, for publication on June 25, 2019.


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