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Rejlers contributes as Stockholm Exergi builds a facility for capturing carbon dioxide

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Rejlers’ Geosigma division has been contracted to investigate how the current soil environment and geotechnical conditions affect the conditions for the foundation of the planned facility for the capture of carbon dioxide that will be built by Stockholm Exergi.

Since 2019, Stockholm Exergi has run an environmental and energy technology research facility at the bio-cogeneration plant in Värtan, Stockholm. Planning is now under way to also build a full-scale installation for the capture of carbon dioxide in the area, a place where sustainable development is in focus at many levels.

Geosigma, Rejlers’ division with expertise in land and the environment, has been engaged to investigate the foundation laying conditions for the planned facility with regard to the soil environment and geotechnical conditions. Geosigma will also conduct an environmental inventory of existing buildings and cisterns in the area.

“This is an interesting project from a geotechnical perspective, at the same time that it’s located in an area that will be a leader in the development of the next generation of sustainable urban districts,” says Erik Westerberg, geotechnical engineer at the Geosigma division. 

There are currently methods to keep carbon dioxide from a cogeneration plant's exhaust from reaching the atmosphere. The technology is called BECCS/bio-CCS (Bio Energy Carbon Capture and Storage) and means that after the combustion of biofuels in the heating plant, the carbon dioxide is captured from the flue gases. The carbon dioxide is then compressed into liquid form to be stored and broken down into the bedrock.

For further information please contact:
Per Aspemar, Head of division Geosigma, +46 72-573 73 77, per.aspemar@rejlers.se
Malin Sparf Rydberg, Director of Communications, +46 70-477 17 00, malin.rydberg@rejlers.se

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