Rejlers responsible for electrical design as Vasakronan creates Gothenburg's new landmark

Rejlers has been commissioned to lead the electrical design work for property company Vasakronan’s development of the Kromet block, a future new landmark in Gothenburg. The Kromet block is the next cornerstone in the Lilla Bommen district, which is rapidly being developed to transform it into a vibrant and colourful neighbourhood with a focus on sustainability. Rejlers will be responsible for designing the block's electrical, telecommunications, control, safety and photovoltaic systems during the programme phase.

Vasakronan's development of the Lilla Bommen district in Gothenburg is now under way and Kromet is a key part of this exciting new district which is set to emerge over the coming years. Production is expected to commence in 2021 and 2024, with the building being developed as a mix of offices, housing and public activities, vibrant streets and attractive meeting places. Kromet is situated adjacent to the river next to Hisingsbron's new stronghold, a future landmark which, through its interaction with Läppstiftet, forms a portal motif towards the new Hisingsbron. The design of the building is innovative and resembles the crown of a tree. There is a strong focus on sustainability with construction and façades in wood, the use of recycled building materials and an LEED sustainability certification.

“Rejlers offers us a highly skilled team with extensive experience of designing electrical and telecommunications system in complex projects set against our ambitious goals,” says Stefan Eriksson, Project Manager at Vasakronan.

Rejlers and Vasakronan have worked together for many years on numerous projects in the past. In this project, the partnership is based on a high degree of digitalisation and knowledge transfer, via 3D models and digital platforms.

“We are very pleased with the vote of confidence to be part of the project team which is responsible for designing the block. It is an innovative and sustainable property which will contribute to the urban development of Gothenburg,” says Jonas Holmstedt, Head of the Buildings Division at Rejlers.

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For further information, please contact:
Jonas Holmstedt, Head of the Buildings Division, +46 72 050 22 45,
Malin Sparf Rydberg, Director of Communications, +46 70 477 17 00,

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Image 1, 2 and 4: Dorte Mandrup, TMRW and Vasakronan

Image 3: Dorte Mandrup and Vasakronan

About Vasakronan
Vasakronan is Sweden's largest property company with a property portfolio comprising 174 properties and a total floor area of 2.3 million square metres. We own, manage and develop centrally located office and retail properties in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Uppsala. Most of the portfolio is located in Stockholm. The market value of our property portfolio is approximately SEK 155 billion. The company has approximately 310 employees.

About Rejlers
Rejlers is one of the Nordic region’s leading engineering consultancy firms. Using our vision of "Home of the Learning Minds" as a benchmark, we strive to create a platform for continuous learning, development and growth. Increased learning which generates added value for both customers and employees alike. We have 2,400 dedicated experts with cutting-edge expertise in areas such as energy, industry, infrastructure, property and telecom. We are close to our customers and have offices in Sweden, Finland, Norway and the United Arab Emirates. Rejlers recorded sales of SEK 2.6 billion in 2019, and its class B share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.




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