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  • Everon is the first fintech company to be crowned Switzerland’s best asset manager of the last 12 months

Everon is the first fintech company to be crowned Switzerland’s best asset manager of the last 12 months

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Once again, Everon performed outstandingly in the asset manager rankings compiled by BILANZ. Alongside the title of ‘Asset Manager of the Year’, the Zurich-based fintech company took first place in two further contests and second place in another. This demonstrates that Everon is not just succeeding in combining digital private banking with easy usability and affordable terms: the company is generating hefty returns, too.

(Zurich) Back in 2021, Everon took second place in the ranking of asset managers compiled every year by financial services provider firstfive on behalf of BILANZ. The 2022 rankings examined 120 strategies by 34 asset managers, offering definitive confirmation of the high quality of Everon’s approach. The Zurich-based start-up won awards in no fewer than four categories:

– First place ‘Asset Manager of the Year (12 months)’

– First place ‘Conservative Returns and Sharpe Ratio Strategy (12 months)’

– First place ‘Dynamic Returns Strategy (12 months)’

– Second place ‘Asset Manager of the Year (24 months)’

For CEO Florian Rümmelein, the ranking vindicates Everon’s investment strategy. ‘Being awarded this top ranking shows that our factor-based approach works brilliantly in the market,’ says Rümmelein. Everon collaborated with the Swiss 5 Group family office to develop the strategy, which it is now making available digitally. ‘This strategy sees Everon pursue a “multi-factor investing” approach based on quantifiable data and access to company data,’ says Rümmelein. ‘The final investment decision, based on technological parameters, is made by our investment committee, and the technology puts this into practice accordingly,’ he adds.

The strength of this systematic investment approach – which fully excludes human emotions – has come to the fore over the past two years, in particular. ‘2020 and 2021 were highly eventful years that often called for fast, pragmatic reactions. Even in this challenging environment, our approach delivered stunning results. The strategy with the highest proportion of stocks even generated returns of 38.5% in 2021,’ adds Jonas Bächinger, the company’s co-founder.

Private banking from CHF 30,000

Everon launched in 2019 with the goal of democratising private banking. ‘We believe that most private banking services can be digitalised, making them cheaper and enabling a broader audience to access them,’ says Bächinger. While the minimum investment for private banking is normally half a million to a million, Everon’s asset management starts from just CHF 30,000. All its processes can be handled via the app, but there is always the option of getting in touch with the team, too. ‘However, our customers generally like being independent and feel very much at home in the world of finance, so personal enquiries are the exception,’ says Bächinger.

Everon’s strong growth demonstrates the huge popularity of this product when combined with its low fees – 0.7% for the all-in asset management fee and 0.35% for its custodian banking services. ‘Our customer assets are growing at a rate of 25% a month,’ says Rümmelein.

No forecasts, but a sense of optimism

‘Everon will continue to work on improving customers’ overall experience,’ says Rümmelein And, of course, it aims to keep generating outstanding returns. ‘It is not possible to give a concrete forecast for 2022 – that is near impossible if you’re using a sustainable, quantitative approach,’ says Rümmelein. ‘However, based on the current data, I’m feeling pretty optimistic. The topics of inflation and increased interest rates, or any changes in forecasts, are in the foreground: they present both risks and opportunities. We can see these opportunities in every sector that benefits from periods of increased interest rates, such as the financial sector.’

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About Everon AG

Zurich-based Everon AG is a fintech company founded in 2019. It specialises in digital private banking services and opens up access to professional investment management.

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Our customer assets are growing at a rate of 25% a month.
Florian Rümmelein, CEO & Co-Founder