Breast cancer therapy: 10 products to dominate market by 2017 says new report

‘Breast Cancer Drug Discoveries: What the future holds’ 

The report ‘Breast Cancer Drug Discoveries: What the future holds’ states that key therpeutic brands achieved sales of US$12.7 billion in 2010, with growth due to higher sales for a number of treatments rather than the launch of new products.

In 2010, nearly 50% of breast cancer sales were due to three branded targeted therapies. With a large unmet clinical need, further agents are necessary to increase survival and delay disease progression. Sales were split between chemotherapies, hormonal therapies and novel molecular targeted therapies, with the majority of these agents used in combination.

According to the 382 page report, by 2017 ten products will command a 77% market share, with the current therapies. Of the current therapies, Roche's Herceptin and Avastin, along with GSK's Tykerb/Tyverb, are accounting for over 80% of these sales. Herceptin will remain as the clear market leader.

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