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Big Pharma's 2012 colossal patent cliff looms.

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Big Pharma's 2012 colossal patent cliff looms. Thirteen blockbuster drugs are set to lose US patent protection; costing industry 70% in lost revenues. Furthermore, despite record R&D investment, biopharmaceutical productivity remains in decline. Drug repositioning offers the possibility of breathing new life into pharmaceutical R&D. By recycling drug data, repositioning promises to boost production, accelerate and derisk R&D, and enhance product life-cycle management.

The promise of drug repositioning is now driving Big Pharma and Biotech to focus over 50% of its R&D activity into the approach. As the benefits of drug repositioning are being realized by industry; it is vital that stakeholders successfully navigate this challenging yet rewarding R&D paradigm.

This in-depth report delivers:

  • Analysis of the scientific and technological strategies driving drug repositioning, successful business models, the role of Big Pharma and the financial reward of strategic drug repositioning
  • Identification of the major challenges within strategic drug repositioning - examining the proof-of-concept clinical trial, regulatory hurdles, intellectual property barriers, selection of screening technologies and company organization
  • Clinical and commercial analysis of classic and recently-approved repositioned products and key Phase III candidates

Report highlights:

With around 2,000 Phase II and Phase III failed pipeline candidates typically sitting idle in a typical pharma drug library, drug repositioning may resurrect abandoned R&D programs. Success will recoup R&D costs and provide novel, high-value product life-cycle management.

Over 50 specialist drug repositioning companies offering unique screening technologies. It is essential that players adopt a multi-disciplined approach by forming collaborations with specialists to gain valid, fast results to unveil new commercial opportunities.

Key questions answered by this report:

  • Why is there a need for drug repositioning in the biopharmaceutical industry?
  • What are the major rewards offered by strategic drug repositioning?
  • What are the major challenges involved in this paradigm; and how can they be overcome?
  • Who are the key specialist players involved in the market and what business models are they utilizing?
  • What lessons can investors learn from established repositioned brands?
  • What products have recently gained FDA approval and what developmental pathway did they take?
  • How can players optimize strategic drug repositioning to maximize commercial success?
  • What are the key leading products and pipeline candidates in the market?
  • How much revenue will the leading products and key pipeline agents reach by 2016?
  • What financial rewards does the strategy provide?
  • What recommendations does Arrowhead provide for successful repositioning?
  • What does the future hold for the drug repositioning market?

Drug Repositioning: New Technologies, Business Models & Strategies for Successful Development


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