North American naval surface combatants market share is largest globally at 48.4% to 2021

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The report “The Global Naval Vessels and Surface Combatants Market" states that in spite of the high fiscal deficits of North American countries, this region is likely to account for the largest share of the naval surface combatants market during the forecast period, with a share of 48.4%. Demand in Europe is expected to decrease slightly during the forecast period, accounting for 22.1% of the total market during this time. Asia will account for a share of 24.2% of the total naval surface combatants market during the forecast period.

Defence ministries around the globe are giving increased importance to small and economical surface combatants such as frigates and corvettes, demand for which has grown due to their low cost, low displacement and multi-tasking capabilities. The advanced weapons and communication systems integrated on these small combatants facilitate the effective performance of multiple tasks such as search and rescue operations, destruction of enemy combat ships, search and destruction of enemy submarines, anti-air warfare and destruction of ground targets.

The next generation of surface combatants are small in size, capable of operating in shallow waters, and generally have helicopters among their combat capabilities. The helicopters on these surface combatants are needed to land in potentially risky small areas, and to avoid these risks, most small surface combatants such as frigates and corvettes are installed with mobile deck handlers which are capable of manoeuvring helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft from the landing deck to the hangar.

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