RepRisk partners with Battlefin to offer ESG datasets for the alternative data community

The world’s largest dataset on ESG and business conduct risk is now available as part of BattleFin’s alternative data suite of solutions 

Zurich, Switzerland, and London, UK – June 25, 2020 – RepRisk, a pioneer and leader in ESG data science combining machine learning and human intelligence, has formed a strategic partnership with alternative data platform and marketplace BattleFin that will significantly expand alternative data buyer access to ESG risk data.  

RepRisk’s daily-updated dataset on nearly 150,000 companies linked to ESG and business conduct risks will be available through BattleFin’s global alternative data marketplace, Ensemble. Investors, hedge funds, and other buy-side professionals will now be able to test, evaluate, and purchase RepRisk ESG data seamlessly within Ensemble. Through Ensemble, clients will be able to efficiently integrate and mine datasets for signals and leading indicators, as well as identify new sources of alpha. RepRisk’s rules-based methodology ensures data integrity and quality, enabling hedge fund managers and quant investors to run extensive analyses to identify market trends or risk signals.  

“We have been observing an increasing demand for alternative data across the industry as investors and fund managers look for new ways to generate alpha and gain an edge on the competition,” said Alexandra Mihailescu Chicon, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing at RepRisk. “Our partnership with BattleFin broadens our exposure to the alternative data buyer by facilitating their access to our 14 years of data history that can be used for back testing and enabling them to incorporate our data into their own proprietary trading algorithms.” 

“Finding interesting alternative datasets is key to our business and one of the differentiators of our Ensemble platform. RepRisk helps us increase the power of the platform and gives our subscribers immediate access to the RepRisk data. Data buyers can test and evaluate the data immediately which is an absolute game changer,” said Tim Harrington, CEO of BattleFin Group, Inc. 

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About RepRisk 
Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Switzerland, RepRisk is a pioneer in ESG data science that leverages the combination of AI and machine learning with human intelligence to systematically analyze public information and identify material ESG risks. RepRisk’s flagship product, the RepRisk ESG Risk Platform, is the world’s largest and most comprehensive due diligence database on ESG and business conduct risks, with expertise in 20 languages and coverage of 140,000+ public and private companies and 35,000+ infrastructure projects. For more than a decade, the world’s leading financial institutions and corporations have trusted RepRisk for due diligence and risk management across their operations, business relationships, and investments. Find out more on  

About BattleFin  
BattleFin is a technology and events company focused on bringing alternative data to the world.  Our Ensemble platform allows corporations, hedge funds and investment firms to Source, Evaluate, Test and Purchase alternative data.  BattleFin Alternative Data Discovery Days are One-on-One meeting and content events held in London, Hong Kong, Miami and New York.  


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RepRisk is a leading research and business intelligence provider, specializing in ESG and business conduct risks. As a premium due diligence solution, RepRisk helps clients prevent and mitigate business conduct risks related to their operations, business relationships, and investments. Since 2006, RepRisk leverages artificial intelligence and human analysis to translate big data into actionable analytics and metrics. With daily updates, universal coverage, and curated adverse data on companies, projects, sectors, and countries, RepRisk offers a suite of a powerful risk management and compliance services. Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, RepRisk serves clients worldwide, enabling them to reduce blind spots and shed light on risks that can have reputational, compliance, and financial impacts on a company.