Resco is building a services portal for Vasakronan

Press release Stockholm 03-11-00 Resco is building a services portal for Vasakronan Resco has been commissioned to build an extensive services portal for Vasakronan. Vasakronan will be offering its tenants an expanded range of services. Initially the order is worth around 5.5 MSEK. Resco has signed a strategic Web agreement with the real estate company Vasakronan, which is in line with Resco's strategy of total commitment. The overall purpose of this undertaking is to offer Vasakronan's tenants a considerably higher level of service by means of an increased range of services via the Web. Initially the services will be intended for the companies that are tenants of Vasakronan in Stockholm. Resco will be totally responsible for the systems in the project, and the business system Axapta which is a flexible Web-adapted business system will be implemented as the basic platform. Initially the value of the order will be of the order of magnitude of 5.5 MSEK. - "I consider the agreement with Vasakronan to be yet another confirmation of the fact that Resco is very well positioned in the long term: on the one hand because of a balanced mix of competence and a sufficient volume of large-scale comprehensive projects and, on the other hand, a clear focus on established and stable customers. Resco sees the agreement with Vasakronan as very promising in both the long and short term", says Kjell Jacobsson, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Resco AB. - "To meet the tenants' demand for a wider range of services we are building up a services business within Vasakronan", comments Jonas Lindegren, the Head of the Services Business Area at Vasakronan. "We are starting with ten services and getting together with our tenants to find further ways of development. We have chosen to work together with Resco primarily because of their capacity to take total responsibility and because of their experience with e-commerce." For more information contact: Kjell Jacobsson, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Resco AB +46 70 890 30 50 Viktor Svensson, IR and Information Officer at Resco AB +46 70 890 33 13 Göran Wiberg, Project Manager at Resco AB +46 70 890 30 62 Jonas Lindegren, the Head of the Services Business Area at Vasakronan AB +46 8 783 2171 Bengt Möller, Information Director at Vasakronan AB +46 8 783 21 09 About Resco AB RESCO is a consulting firm based on a coming together of the strongest people from several lines of business. Specialists with competences that allow us to offer a total range of services that others can't - from the Internet to the physical world. With our approx. 550 specialists in market communications, business systems, design, Internet strategy, Web technology and architecture we are uniquely placed in the market for business renewal. What we are offering ranges from communication which strengthens relations to the technology that makes business exchange possible. We see it as our business to constantly challenge our customers and ourselves to see new opportunities in a new-age economy. RESCO started in 1982. Today we are listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and have offices in Sweden, Finland and Germany. About Vasakronan AB Vasakronan is one of Sweden's leading real estate companies and concentrates on commercial properties, mainly offices. Vasakronan is located in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö as well as 12 other cities. The total number of properties managed by Vasakronan is 288 representing a total area of 2,704,000 square metres. About 65,000 people are working happily and comfortably in this environment. People who recognise that function and service work together well. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: