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  • ResourceWise Introduces WoodMarket Prices, a Global Wood Price Reporting and Business Analytics Platform

ResourceWise Introduces WoodMarket Prices, a Global Wood Price Reporting and Business Analytics Platform

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WoodMarket Prices provides insights and price data for global timber, lumber, pellets, and pulp markets. 

Wood Resources International (WRI), part of the ResourceWise portfolio, has launched WoodMarket Prices, a global price and trade reporting platform for the timber, wood products, and pulp & paper sectors. WoodMarket Prices is the digital successor to WRI’s flagship product, Wood Resources Quarterly, which was introduced in 1988 and used by international forest industry analysts in more than 30 countries. 

The Platform 

The WoodMarket Prices platform builds on WRI’s legacy of providing the global forest products industry with accurate pricing data and exclusive commentary. As the global forest products market evolves and adapts to meet its greatest challenges, including sustainability, volatility and availability, customers have come to expect more from their information providers. 

To meet the challenges WRI’s customers are facing in 2022 and beyond, the WoodMarket Prices digital environment will allow subscribers to interact with the on-demand data that is most important to them. The web-based platform will provide 24/7/365 access so that subscribers can view current and historical price trends, download data and graphics, and — most importantly — quickly and easily customize the way they view the data that helps them make better business decisions. 

Value-added Features 

  • Easy-to-read prices are available on a single page — no more flipping through a PDF for specific needs. 

  • Filters can be saved for quick and easy drill downs to the exact products they are researching, and these views can be printed and downloaded easily. 

  • Comparisons of current prices to earlier time periods, including one- and two-year rolling averages. 

  • Quarterly price trends for 30 years of history are available by product. 

  • Subscribers can access a variety of commentary and data about global forest products markets, imports and exports, supply, demand, capacity utilization and more. 

Benefits of Subscribing  

The benefits of subscribing to WoodMarket Prices remain the same, according to long-time owner of WRI, Hakan Ekstrom. “Customers can track the latest prices for sawlogs and pulpwood worldwide, monitor global trade of wood chips and pellets, evaluate the competitiveness of global sawmills and pulpmills, and receive reliable wood chip and pulplog prices. Subscribers can also assess quarterly wood raw-material price trends, follow wood prices in North America, Europe, Latin America, Oceania, and Asia, and read about developments in the international forest industry.” 

“We are committed to providing WRI’s customers with increased value and the best possible user experience at every level via the WoodMarket Prices platform,” said Pete Stewart, ResourceWise’s CEO. “This platform consolidates decades of historical data, industry knowledge and expertise in a single place. The result is a comprehensive global wood products database that will provide customers with the tools they need to quickly, consistently and confidently make better business decisions.” 


Suz-Anne Kinney          

Vice President, Marketing & Communications at ResourceWise


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About Wood Resources International 

Wood Resources International LLC (WRI), established in 1987, is an internationally recognized forest industry consulting firm specializing in evaluations of global forest resources, wood raw-material markets (logs, wood chips and biomass), forest products trade, wood cost outlooks, and forest industry developments worldwide. In addition to consulting work, our company has tracked global wood prices through two wood market price reports, updated quarterly since the 1980’s. For more information, visit www.woodprices.com

About ResourceWise 

ResourceWise was founded in 2022 to bring together a group of companies that provide data, analytics and insights to forest products, pulp & paper, low-carbon renewable fuels, and chemicals industries. Forest2Market, Fisher International, Tecnon OrbiChem and PRIMA Markets are also part of the ResourceWise portfolio. For more information, visit www.resourcewise.com