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New CEO starts at Resurs - Nils Carlsson is focused on continued growth, data-driven innovation and customer experience

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From 1 June, Nils Carlsson will be the new President of Resurs Bank and CEO of Resurs Holding. Nils Carlsson has a wealth of international experience from industries experiencing change such as fintech, e-commerce and telecommunication, and most recently served as CEO of Fortnox. His initial focus will be on guiding Resurs through the prevailing global circumstances in a stable manner. At the same time, Nils Carlsson has his sights set on continued growth, data-driven innovation and customer experience.

Resurs is the Nordic countries’ leading niche bank with extensive experience of developing flexible payment and financing solutions for retailers and their customers. The banking industry finds itself in rapid transition, with modernised customer behaviour and increased competition from new types of companies. Nils Carlsson believes that his background and experience of driving innovation and profitability will be important for Resurs to continue its journey of growth.

“This is a special time to be taking on a new role, and it feels great to have started work. The industry is in the middle of rapid structural and technical changes, which makes my assignment particularly interesting. Competition in the industry is complex and places new requirements on us to be efficient, innovative and sustainable. I look forward to bringing my previous experience to the table and ensuring that Resurs is part of leading the development of the industry moving forward,” says Nils Carlsson, CEO, Resurs Bank.

At the same time as developing Resurs’s commercial offering, Nils Carlsson points out the importance of continuing to build on Resurs’s employees and strengthen corporate culture with a focus on partners, customers and long-term sustainable business.

“We have a fantastic network of strong partners and an extensive customer base in the Nordic market that is the basis of our business. We will continue to develop both of these aspects by remaining close to our partners and creating excellent customer experiences. In particular, our work with responsible credit lending is the foundation of a good customer experience and is also something that helps us take responsibility as a company and make an important contribution to a more sustainable society,” concludes Nils Carlsson.

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