Correction of previously published press releaseCorrection of previously published press release

The press release published by Resurs Holding AB (publ) at 8.30 am CET on 1 June 2016, “Exercise of Over-allotment in Relation to Resurs and Notice of Stabilization” included incorrect information regarding number of shares exercised under the Over-allotment option and the number of shares re-delivered to the Principal Selling Shareholders.

A correct version of the press release follows. The correction is in italics. 

Exercise of Over-allotment in Relation to Resurs and Notice of Stabilization

Morgan Stanley, Carnegie and Goldman Sachs International (“Joint Global Coordinators”) have notified Resurs Holding AB (publ) (“Resurs”) , Cidron Semper Ltd. and  Waldakt AB (the “Principal Selling Shareholders”)  that the over-allotment option has been exercised in respect of 4,816,116 shares.

In connection with the offering of Resurs’s shares and the initial public offering on Nasdaq Stockholm (the “Offering”), the Principal Selling Shareholders granted the Joint Global Coordinators an option to purchase up to 9,739,999 additional shares during 30 days from the first day of trading of the Company’s shares on Nasdaq Stockholm, 29 April 2016, (the “Stabilisation Period”) to cover potential over-allotments in the Offering (the “Over-Allotment Option”). The Managers have exercised the option in respect of 4,816,116 shares.

All stabilization transactions were carried out between 29 April 2016 and 27 May 2016 within a price range of SEK 54.20 to SEK 55.00. The stabilization period has now ended and no further stabilization transactions will be carried out.

Following the exercise of the Over-Allotment Option Cidron Semper Ltd. and Waldakt AB will hold 69,865,318 shares and 57,162,759 shares of the total number of shares in Resurs, respectively, corresponding to an ownership of approximately 34.93 per cent and 28.58 per cent of the total number of shares in Resurs, respectively.

Interval per day

April 29, 2016 SEK 54.25 – 55.00
May 2, 2016 SEK 54.90 – 55.00
May 3, 2016 SEK 54.90 – 55.00
May 4, 2016 SEK 54.95 – 55.00
May 6, 2016 SEK 54.45 – 55.00
May 9, 2016 SEK 54.90 – 55.00
May 10, 2016 SEK 55.00 – 55.00
May 11, 2016 SEK 54.90 – 55.00
May 12, 2016 SEK 54.80 – 55.00
May 13, 2016 SEK 54.20 – 55.00
May 16, 2016 SEK 54.40 – 55.00
May 17, 2016 SEK 54.50 – 55.00
May 18, 2016 SEK 54.95 – 55.00
May 19, 2016 n/a
May 20, 2016 n/a
May 23, 2016 n/a
May 24, 2016 n/a
May 25, 2016 n/a
May 26, 2016 SEK 55.00 – 55.00
May 27, 2016 SEK 54.95 – 55.00

4,923,883 shares in Resurs that Morgan Stanley, acting as stabilization manager on behalf of the Joint Global Coordinators, borrowed from the Principal Selling Shareholders with the purpose of covering the over-allotment in the Offering, have been re-delivered to the Principal Selling Shareholders.

For more information, please contact;

Gunilla Wikman, Investor Relations manager; telephone: +46 707 638 125; email:

Resurs Holding is required to disclose the information in this press release under the provisions of the

Securities Market Act. The information was submitted for publication on the 2nd of June 2016 at 7.30

am CET.


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The securities referred to herein have also not been and will also not be registered under the applicable securities laws of Canada, Japan or Australia and, subject to certain exemptions, may not be offered or sold in or into or for the account or benefit of any person having a registered address in, or located or resident in, Canada, Japan or Australia. There will be no public offering of the securities described herein in Canada, Japan or Australia.

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