Resurs strengthens Group Management – with a focus on the customer experience and growth

Resurs is expanding its Group Management with additional representatives from the company’s business and operational areas and focusing on the customer experience in the Nordic markets. With its new Group Management, Resurs’s new CEO Nils Carlsson can see improved conditions to further strengthen the company’s competitiveness and continue its journey of growth.

Resurs has its sights set on continued growth, data-driven innovation and customer experience. Bolstering Group Management is one step in enhancing Resurs’s position in the Nordic market and continuing the company’s journey of growth. As a result, more areas of Resurs’s business will be directly represented in Group Management, which will also be expanded with the operational areas of Nordic Credit & NPL and Nordic Customer Service.

“With clearer and enhanced focus on business and credit, Group Management will have the opportunity to tactically drive sales and business development in a more focused and sustainable manner, which will be significant for acting even more dynamically in the Nordic market as a whole. With Nordic Customer Service now becoming part of Group Management, we are beginning to take strategically important steps in data-driven innovation and being at the forefront of creating excellent customer experiences,” says Nils Carlsson, CEO of Resurs Bank.

While Resurs Group Management is being strengthened, Resurs Bank is creating a new organization for the Operations Office area that is now changing name to Acceleration Office. The aim is to adopt an integrated approach, from strategising to the customer experience. The company’s existing marketing division and CX function will be integrated into this part of the organisation.

“This is a change that focuses on the customer perspective throughout, from ideas and product development to the conceptualisation of new services to our partners and private customers in the Nordic market. Combined with our efforts to gradually work more data-driven and hold close talks with our partners, this will be key in developing a relevant offering that adds to the continued growth of Resurs,” concludes Nils Carlsson.

The new Group Management for Resurs that comes into force 1 September 2020 will be as follows:
Nils Carlsson, CEO
Jonas Olin, CFO
Stefan Noderén, Chief Credit & NPL Officer
Eva Brike, CHRO
Anita Tidner, Interim Chief Customer Service Officer
Erik Frick, COO
Anna Nauclèr, CCO, Nordic Payment Solutions
Johan Flodén, CCO, Nordic Consumer Loans
Mats Malmsjö (act.), CCO, Nordic B2B
Sebastian Green, CIO

More information:
Nils Carlsson, CEO, +46 766 44 77 00

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About Resurs Holding Resurs Holding (Resurs), which operates through the subsidiaries Resurs Bank and Solid Försäkring, is the leader in retail finance in the Nordic region, offering payment solutions, consumer loans and niche insurance products. Since its start in 1977, Resurs Bank has established itself as a leading partner for sales-driven payment and loyalty solutions in retail and e-commerce, and Resurs has thus built a customer base of appr. 6 million private customers in the Nordics. Resurs Bank has had a banking licence since 2001 and is under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. The Resurs Group operates in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. At the end of the second quarter of 2020, the Group had 800 employees and a loan portfolio of SEK 30.9 billion. Resurs is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.




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