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Revenio Group Corporation

Press release December 9, 2019, at 9:00 am EET

DRSplus, the newest addition to CenterVue’s family of fundus imaging devices, has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the USA and CE certified in Europe. This means that the sales and marketing of the new product will start in 2019 in Europe and early 2020 in the United States. Revenio acquired CenterVue in April 2019.

First launched in 2011, CenterVue’s widely successful DRS device will gradually be replaced by the DRSplus model which is especially well suited for the evaluation of diabetic retinopathy. The DRSplus is a confocal fundus imaging system which uses white LED illumination to produce TrueColor and detail-rich images, setting a new effective and efficient standard for fundus imaging. DRSplus uses the TrueColor confocal technology, which up until now has only been available in other CenterVue products. Moreover, the diameter of the pupil being imaged may now be smaller, which increases the likelihood of successful imaging of all patients. DRSplus is fast and fully automated.

“We have carefully listened to our customers and used the feedback received in the R&D process of the new DRSplus fundus imaging device. We believe that we have developed the best product on the market in this segment, which allows faster and more reliable high-quality fundus imaging. With the marketing authorizations the product has been granted, we can now launch the product in both Europe and the United States—an achievement in terms of fast entry into the market”, Revenio Group President and CEO Timo Hildén says.

The main tools for the detection, diagnosis and on-treatment monitoring of glaucoma are intraocular pressure measurement (tonometry), fundus imaging and visual field test (perimetry).

Revenio Group Corporation

Timo Hildén, President and CEO, tel. +358 (0)40 580 4774


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Revenio Group in brief

Revenio is a health technology company operating on the international market and a global leader in the field of ophthalmic diagnostic solutions.

The key principles of Revenio's business operations are patient-oriented screening and monitoring as well as addressing the global demand for cost-effective healthcare solutions through preventive healthcare. Revenio strives for strong growth in the health technology segment. The goal of Revenio is to develop more effective and easy-to-adopt methods for detecting illnesses with public health significance in their early stages. The goal is to improve patients’ quality of life with health technology solutions that make more efficient diagnostics possible.

Revenio specialises in the early detection and on-treatment monitoring of glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and macular degeneration. Revenio’s Research operations, on the other hand, focus on bringing systems supporting the diagnostics and treatment planning of skin cancer and asthma to the market.

In 2018, Revenio Group’s net sales totalled EUR 30.7 million with an operating margin of 33.3%. Revenio Group Corporation is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. 

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