Rhenman & Partners wins four prestigious awards at the Nordic Hedge Awards

The sector fund Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S was named as a four-time winner at this year’s Nordic Hedge Awards; best hedge fund of all Nordic hedge funds (of which there are 154), best Nordic equity hedge fund, and best-performing Nordic hedge fund for one and five years respectively. 

The awards were made in the categories "Best Nordic Hedge Fund Overall 2017", “Best Nordic Equity Hedge Fund 2017", "Performance Award for 12 Months" and "Performance Award for 60 Months". 

"We are tremendously pleased over these awards. The Nordic Hedge Award is the most prestigious Nordic award for hedge funds and a total of 154 funds were evaluated in 2017. To put it simply, this is the Nordic championship and for an equity hedge fund to win in four of five possible categories is a testament to our unique investment process which leads the way, even internationally," says Carl Grevelius, co-founder and head of investor relations. 

"Our success depends largely on the fund managers' many years of close collaboration with the medical experts in our Scientific Advisory Board. Equally important is our investment team's single focus on the healthcare sector which includes pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical technology and service. This sectoral focus probably gives us a knowledge advantage compared to those investors who monitor and invest in a number of sectors.” 

Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S has an unprecedented performance history since its inception in June 2009. The main fund class, the IC1 (EUR), has increased 426 percent in total, which corresponds to an average annual return of 21 percent. In 2017, the fund delivered a return of 35 percent. At present, assets under management in the fund amount to approximately 600 million EUR. In accordance with the fund’s prospectus, the fund will close for new investments when its assets reach 1 billion EUR. 

For further information, please contact: 
Carl Grevelius, Founding Partner / Head of Investor Relations 
Phone: +46 8 459 88 83 
Email: carl@rhepa.com 

About Rhenman & Partners 
Rhenman & Partners Asset Management, founded in 2008, is a Stockholm-based asset manager focusing on two niche funds: Rhenman Healthcare Equity L/S, launched in June 2009, and Rhenman Global Opportunities L/S, launched in August 2016. Assets under management amount to approximately 600 MEUR. The management teams of the two funds are supported in their respective investment processes by renowned advisors consisting of, among others, eminent professors and experts with many years of market experience and extensive expert networks around the world. 





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