Interview with Gunnar Gårdemyr, new board member at RhoVac

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At the annual general meeting on 9, May 2018, Gunnar Gårdemyr has been elected as the new board member of RhoVac AB "RhoVac". Here is an interview with Gunnar Gårdemyr.

Tell us about your background and what you have done before you joined RhoVac?

After graduating in Business Administration from Lund University, I sought a position as a medical consultant at Astra in Lund. After several years, more opportunites at the international markets opened up, when I joined Ferring in Malmö as an international product manager. I then had the opportunity to start Ferring's Swedish market company as CEO, and also built up the markets in Norway and Finland. At Nycomed, a company under development, I worked in business development, strategic planning, market analysis, health economics, M&A and export sales. I also served as the project manager of the acquisition of the company by Japanese company, Takeda. Following this, I remained as Senior Vice President of the Global Marketing Department at the Swiss office of Takeda, for 3 years. I was then, adviser to Swiss pharmaceutical company, Acino, following which I became the CEO of Targovax, an immunology company in Norway for several years. Since spring of 2017, I am at Follicum in Lund, as a CBO. It's very nice to be back in Lund where I once started.

What made you to decide to join RhoVac as board member?

RhoVac has a strong scientific foundation for developing its drug candidate, a committed board and a highly competent management team that is in full control of time and budget. RhoVac differs from most of the other companies in immuno-oncology field, as it targets metastatic cancer cells. Imagine if there is an opportunity to make cancer into a chronic condition that you live with in the future, as HIV is today. This opportunity makes me see immunology as one of the most exciting and dynamic segments today.

What are the main expertise you would expect to contribute to the RhoVac Board?

I believe my experience in strategy and business planning can come to use at the current stage of RhoVac, where the company is planning for an acquisition or a collaboration with another pharmaceutical company. Also, I have a broad international network in the pharmaceutical industry, built over the years, which can help to expand the connections with potential partners for RhoVac. 

For more information, please contact:

Anders Ljungqvist – CEO, RhoVac AB

Phone: +45 4083 2365


Om RhoVac AB

RhoVac AB bedriver forskning och utveckling av immunterapeutiska läkemedel. Bolagets huvudfokus är utveckling av ett terapeutiskt cancervaccin med potential att förhindra eller begränsa metastasering vid cancer. RhoVacs första läkemedelskandidat har avslutat preklinisk fas och klinisk fas I/II-studie har inletts under våren 2017. RhoVac har sitt huvudkontor på Medicon Village i Lund. Forskningen bedrivs sedan 2007 primärt på Universitetssjukhuset i Herlev, Danmark, av ett forskarteam i världsklass inom sin nisch. RhoVac är noterat på AktieTorget sedan mars 2016. Aktien handlas under tickern RHOVAC. Läs mer på


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