We write to inform you of a necessary change to the press release and technical specifications of the RM 69 Erotic Tourbillon.

The word ‘Duoplan’ has had to be removed due to a copyright infringement.

Where applicable we ask that you kindly remove the word ‘Duoplan’ from any existing online text and any forthcoming print articles.

Please refer to the amended and attached files for future reference and delete any previous ones.

Kind regards,

The Richard Mille Team

For further information please contact:

Beatrice Giusti

Communications Director
Richard Mille Europe, Middle East & Africa Ltd.
Mobile 44 (0) 7747 640013


About Us

High end Watch brand launched in 2001 by Richard Mille. Inspired by the aeronautical industry and F1 Grand Prix technology Richard Mille revolutionised traditional watch making methods through his vision of creating very innovative timepieces through the use of unique materials such as titanium and carbon fiber. Today some 100 points of sale and a growing network of exclusive boutiques retail these fine timepieces around the globe. LA MARQUE Prestigieuse marque de montres fondée en 2001 par Richard Mille. S’inspirant de l’industrie aéronautique, ainsi que de la technologie des Grands Prix de Formule 1, Richard Mille a revolutionné les méthodes traditionnelles de l’horlogerie par sa création extrêmement innovative des montres, par l’utilisation de matériaux uniques tels le titane ou la fibre de carbone. De nos jours il existe 100 points de vente et un réseau grandissant de Boutiques exclusives qui procurent ces pièces exquises à travers le monde.