Change in the chairman’s ownership

As a compensation for an underwriting guarantee in Ripasso Energy’s convertible bond issue Sven Sahle, executive chairman of Ripasso Energy, has given an investor who guaranteed parts of the issue the right to acquire the convertible bonds which Sven Sahle holds through a company to their nominal value. This right will be exercised and the investor will acquire 27,993,250 convertible bonds to a price of SEK 0.41 per convertible bond.

Furthermore, Sven Sahle has privately utilized subscription rights to subscribe for new shares in the recently ended share issue, whereby Sven Sahle’s holding will increase with 77,025 shares.

Further, Sven Sahle intends to sell his privately-held holdings of both common shares and convertible bonds in Ripasso Energy to his company before the years end at market price. All transactions will be reported to the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, Finansinspektionen, and published in its insider registry in connection with the transactions.

Following these transactions, Sven Sahle will own 28,327,025 shares (35.6%) and 1,446,111 convertible bonds in Ripasso Energy, through company.

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Ripasso Energy is a Swedish cleantech company founded in 2008 to further develop the Stirling technology’s outstanding ability to convert heat energy into electricity. The company offers different solutions for power generation at record low prices compared to other climate-smart and sustainable alternatives. Ripasso's Stirling engine has unofficial world record in converting solar energy to electricity with close to twice as high efficiency as competitive technologies. The company is listed in Sweden (NGM Nordic MTF), and can also be traded at Börse Stuttgart in Germany. Read more at 

Ripasso Energy is required to disclose this information in accordance with the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication at the initiative of the above contact person on December 18, 2017 at 18.15 CET.


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