OKQ8 Sweden Opens Europe’s First Sustainable Filling Station

Solar panels and rainwater for the car wash, solar cells for energy production, high speed rechargers for electric cars and a ’green’ roof are only a few of the environmental attributes at OKQ8 Sweden’s sustainable filling station. The station, which opens January 13, has been built with the ambition of operating with almost no environmental impact. The construction of the station is environmentally optimized with maximal use of sustainable materials and it will consume 50 percent less energy than the average filling station.

- The sustainable filling station is our very own contribution toward the renewal of the industry. As an industry, we can do so much more than develop renewable fuels and environmentally friendly car products, says Göran Lindblå, Executive Chairman of OKQ8 Sweden.

- Q8 has a strong reputation for leading the way in innovation and sustainability; as early as 1985 we were the first company to launch unleaded fuel in Europe. Initiatives that contribute to securing a sustainable future has always been a top priority for Q8 and this unique retail site is yet another example of just how serious we are serious about achieving our goals, says Hussain E. Esmaiel, President of Kuwait Petroleum International.

Station made of renewable materials
The station’s frame is built using glulam beams, which is a renewable material and less energy consuming than steel. The walls are isolated with stone wool, a natural material made from mineral fibers, which contains recycled material. The stone wool itself is also recycled and recyclable.

’Green’ roof and sun-heated rainwater for the car wash
The station’s roof will contain both water collectors and solar panels, which will heat up the rainwater to be reused for the station’s car wash. The remaining part of the shop roof is covered by sedum, vegetation that both absorbs air pollution and helps to naturally insulate against heat and cold. Sedum will give the shop a more even temperature inside and lower energy use regardless of the season.

- Our starting point is that our sustainable station will be run with the least possible environmental impact. Although the construction cost for this project is higher than for our other stations, we are fully convinced that the station - which in itself will be almost energy self sufficient – will provide return on that investment, says Andrea Haag, SHE Manager OKQ8 Sweden.

The only filling station with high speed rechargers for electrical cars
Other smart solutions that the sustainable station provide are rechargers for electrical cars. The rechargers get their energy from geothermal and the solar cells on the rooftop of the shop. OKQ8 Sweden has, as the sole fuel provider, four parking spots with recharger for rent intended for rapid charge. Preparations has been made for another four. The station also provides electrical cars for rent, namely Peugeot iOn.

Reinforced grass and roof coating which breaks down nitrogen oxides with help from the sun
To visualize the station’s sustainability, parking spaces are covered with reinforced grass. Titanium oxide coated concrete slabs frame the parking spots and part of the rooftop is coated with the same material. Titanium oxide has the ability to break down nitrogen oxides that contribute to eutrophication when in contact with the sun.

- I’m proud that KPI, together with our partners, are leading by example in demonstrating the greatest care for the environment and we actively encourage more projects of this type in the future, says Faraok Hussain Al-Zanki, Chief Executive Officer at Kuwait Petroleum Corporation.

OKQ8 best at Sustainable Development within the fuel industry
During 2011 OKQ8 was nominated ’Sweden’s most sustainable fuel company” in the brand survey Sustainable Brands. In the survey, Swedish consumers get to decide which brands are the most sustainable on the Swedish market. The basis for the review is the 10 principles named in UN’s Global Compact, which includes a company’s environmental responsibility, human rights, industrial laws and prevention of corruption.

For more information, please contact:
Andrea Haag, SHE Manager OKQ8 Sweden
Mobile: +46 70 268 02 03
E-mail: andrea.haag@okq8.se

Göran Lindblå, Executive Chairman OKQ8 Sweden
Mobile: +46 70 598 44 22
E-mail: goran.lindbla@okq8.se

OKQ8 believes in sustainable motoring
OKQ8 is Sweden’s largest fuel company with almost 800 filling stations and a full range of car related products and services. The company’s ambition is to be a leader within renewable fuels, such as ethanol and RME, and they are currently building Sweden’s most comprehensive biogas net. The stations’ shops provide fast food, a large selection of car products as well as car rental. Many of the stations also provide automated car washes and DIY car wash halls as well as garages and tire service. OKQ8 is a market leader in terms of accessibility, expertise and range of products.