Press invitation: The first house on the Moon to be crowdfunded (Livestream)

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We hereby invite you to the Moon, with the presentation of the first lunar art project.

The Moonhouse is an art-meets-science project that will send a red house to the Moon in a space shuttle. It is also the first crowdfunding project of its kind – a lunar art project. People across the world are invited to reach for the impossible and contribute to bring the house to the Moon. 

The driving force behind The Moonhouse is Swedish artist and entrepreneur Mikael Genberg. He is already known for his installation artwork in alternative environments. This time Mikael aims is to put a red house with white gables bringing life, colour and dreams to the cold and dead moon landscape. An art project of never before seen proportions which hopes to inspire people to break free from their own perception of what they are capable of and literally reach for the moon.

The Moonhouse is at this point already 75 percent completed thanks to the pro bono work of the elite of Sweden’s space engineers who have spent several years on the complex engineering of the self-constructing house. The project was put on the backburner in the wake of the financial crisis 2010 for lack of corporate sponsors to fund the project.

The digital and social media revolution of the past few years has been a game changer, creating new opportunities for The Moonhouse to reach and engage people all over the world through crowdfunding. The art project The Moonhouse is set to go live again.

We welcome you to a press conference on May 28th, where you will meet:

Mikael Genberg – the artist and entrepreneur behind the Moonhouse.

Emil Vinterhav – Space systems engineer, formerly head of the Spacecraft department at SSC, currently manager of international business development at ECAPS and head of the Moonhouse technical team.

Sven Grahn – one of Sweden's space pioneers, veteran spacecraft designer

Johan Molin – CEO of Falu Rödfärg, the original supplier of the red paint that colors the typical Swedish house.

We hope that you are able to attend in person. You can also follow the press conference live via Bambuser.

Please notify us of your attendance to

Date: Wednesday May 28th

Time: 11:30 AM (GMT+2 )

Location: Falun Mine Gruvplatsen 1, 791 61 Falun, Sweden

Live streaming: visit the for practical details

Wishing you a warm welcome,
Mikael Genberg, artist and entrepreur the Moonhouse

Mail: Phone: +46-70-775 53 93

For further information and practical details regarding the press conference, please visit


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