Testbed Europe – Towards a demonstration economy

Todays rapid technological development will bring many opportunities to European industry but also to its public sector and ultimately to its citizens. Access to testbeds is important in the innovation process accelerating the implementation of new technology and scientific breakthroughs.

As a part of the Swedish Smart Industry programme, "Testbed Sweden" was launched to support this process. RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and The Association of Swedish Engineering Industries, Teknikföretagen, have initiated a discussion with VINNOVA and the Swedish government to define the concrete steps to be taken how to make “Testbed Sweden” become reality.

We believe that European collaboration is crucial to successfully create attractive and efficient test and demonstration environments. Therefore, we would like to see a comprehensive European strategy to develop a pan-European network of top quality test and demonstration facilities with the aim to create “Testbed Europe”.

The aim of the lunch debate “Testbed Europe – Towards a demonstration economy” is to put forward concrete suggestions for the nextcoming Frameworkprogramme 9 with the vision to create a “Testbed Europe”. 


Vladimir Sûcha, Director General, DG JRC, European Commission

Jürgen Tiedje, Head of Unit, D.2 Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Biotechnologies, DG RTD (TBC)

Anke Riechers, Senior Director Product and Innovation, SAP 

Jonna Lehtinen-Salo, Head of Development, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Finland

Simon Godwin (moderator)


When: 27 June, 12:30 - 14:00

Where: Rue de Luxemburg 3. 1000 Brussels

If you have any questions, please contact:
Charlotte Andersdotter, charlotte.andersdotter@ri.se

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