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VPN A2Z ( is a new service for everyone that needs internet access from a different geolocation than where they are. 

"What is the purpose of using VPN?", "Which Browsers Have Built-In VPN?" or "Is it safe to do a bank transaction while connected to a VPN?". VPN A2Z is the new place where they try to answer every question related to VPNs, as the questions above. 

"It is our goal to make the absolute best resource online. Especially focussing on all the small and maybe a little weird questions, that people might have regarding VPNs" says Francky who is one of the guys behind the new service. He adds that more people than you'd think would benefit from a VPN. "It give an extra layer of security for many, that many would benefit from. At the same time it gives the opertunity to access your online ressources as if you were at home, even if you're on vacation or similar."

Francky points out that security is a lot more important these days than most people realise. With a VPN you can get the above mentioned benefits together with more online security, and that is actually for a really low cost. 

If find a good VPN provider, where you can have multiple devices online at the same time, the cost per computer, phone or iPad is almost nothing. 

VPN A2Z has looked at the best VPNs for multiple devices right here