Luxury Cars A2Z is now online ( in 10 countries

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2021 has been a busy year so far for Luxury Cars A2Z, and the group now counts a whopping 8 websites in addition to the English and the German which started it all at the end of 2020.

At the team behind Luxury Cars A2Z, a gap in online knowledge was discovered, and since then they have been busy helping people get answers to the many questions that might be around buying and owning a car. 

No question is too simple or too stupid to try to answer. "We are a website for normal people who want to get a question or two answered without it being too expert" says Rolf, one of the people behind the site. 

There are many differences from country to country, but there are also many similarities in the questions prospective car owners ask before buying a car. That's why expansion into other languages is also happening fast, and now includes the French site and the new Finnish site

Common to all the sites is that they answer questions like whether you should buy a Porsche, Tesla or Mercedes-Benz, and the pros and cons there might be, but also questions like used versus buying a new car, and when what is a good idea.