Which is better: Porsche vs. Mercedes? Luxury Cars A2Z answers the questions

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When it comes to luxury vehicles, few names project a more luxurious image than Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. In fact, both of these brands are well-known for their luxury and comfort. So, when you’re trying to decide which of these two vehicles to purchase, you certainly have a lot to consider. How do you choose?

When you are trying to figure out what car to buy, there are a billion questions you need answered. A lot of them probably feel too simple or dumb to ask your friends, but without an answer to your question you might very well end up with the wrong car for you.

Luxury Cars A2Z is here to help

Which Is Better: Mercedes or PorscheIf you have questions like this, it used to be difficult to get a good answer. The new service LuxuryCarsA2Z.com is here to help, even with the most specific questions. Questions like this are important to find an answer to, especially an answer that isn't biased towards a particular brand for one reason or another. 

If you ask a friend who owns a Porsche, he would most likely just recommend Porsche because it is the one he knows and loves. If you ask the sales guy, do you think he would lean toward the one where he gets the higher commission? 

Luxury Cars A2Z's authors are people with a broad knowledge of cars. They are, of course, people with opinions like everyone else, but they aren't paid to recommend one product or car over another. They give you their answer to the simple, yet complex questions you might have about cars. 


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