ChloraSolv is awarded by Region Skåne

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RLS Global is pleased to inform about the acceptance of ChloraSolv by Region Skåne. ChloraSolv is available as of today, September 29th. This is the result of positive clinical evaluations from both acute- and primary care and it is an important milestone for RLS as Region Skåne is one of the largest regions in Sweden with about 1,4 million inhabitants.

RLS works systematically with the regions on the Swedish market with the aim of getting ChloraSolv on tender agreements. The pandemic impact has made the processes longer, but now the procurement departments are starting to open for a dialogue and decision making.

ChloraSolv is awarded on contract in three regions. There is a strong interest in the product, and above all, the primary care sector finds this technology an important complement in the treatment of chronic wounds.

In Region Kalmar, we have repeated orders. In the Stockholm Region, the launch has started and RLS is now educating the care givers about ChloraSolv and the first orders are delivered.

”We are happy that the healthcare sector is gradually starting to open up, and we can conduct our negotiations with the regions. The results from the Region Skåne have been very good and is the reason why we have been awarded in the region says Karin Fischer, CEO of RLS Global. Sweden is our home market and has the highest priority in our global launch. It is therefore satisfying that more regions are choosing to include ChloraSolv on agreements, Karin Fischer concludes”. 

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