Are robots a threat or an asset? It’s up to you! - Press invitation for Robotics Innovation Challenge

February 9 the Swedish robotics cluster Robotdalen arranges the event Robotics Innovation Challenge in the city of Eskilstuna, Sweden. The day focuses on challenges, opportunities and solutions when developing new robots. What are the needs and can robots fulfil them? International experts share their point of view, new robots are presented on an innovation catwalk and the winner of the international prize competition Robotdalen Innovation Award is announced. At the event you can check out robots and talk to innovators and companies about their view on robots and their role in society.

In movies robots are often portrayed as human-like, evil creatues that want to take over the world. But what is the real deal? Why do we need robots and what should we use them for?

- Robots are here to provide improved quality of life for us humans. Product development must stem from the needs of the individual and contribute to a safer and more secure work environment and everyday life, says Erik Lundqvist, General Manager at Robotdalen. In Robotdalen we don’t want robots to look like real people, since robots are tools, just like machines or computers. We want to change the perception that robots pose a threath and will ”take over”. We control them and they can contribute with a lot for individuals in health care as well as for increased competitiveness in the manufacturing industry.

When mankind and technology meet
At the event Robotics Innovation Challenge experienced key not speakers share their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in the field of robotics. Anders Sandberg, professor at Oxford, adresses the meeting between man and technology, Rodney Brooks, one of the world’s foremost roboticists, shares thoughts on artifical intelligence and experiences from his companies iRobot och Heartland Robotics. Per Strömberg from the Stockholm School of Economics talk about entrepreunership and venture capital. The morning session wraps up with an innovation catwalk, presenting new products in a creative manner!

The afternoon gives plenty of time to mingle and visit stands presenting solutions for the industry, health care sector and successful product development, when the visitors can meet peers and potential business partners for discussions. At the end of the day Paolo Dario, robotics researcher from Italy, takes the stage before the winner of the Robotdalen Innovation Award is presented. Welcome!

The event takes place in Eskilstuna, Sweden on February 9. Please visit for further information. We have a limited number of free passes for press, please contact Jessica Karlsson, Communications Manager, if that is of interest.

For further information please contact Jessica Karlsson, Communications Manager, +46 (0)73 670 76 30, e-mail or Erik Lundqvist, General Manager for Robotdalen, at phone +46 (0)21 10 70 26, e-mail

Robotdalen is a Swedish robotics initiative with the mission to enable commercial success of new ideas and research within robotics & automation. Robotdalen is financed by VINNOVA (the Swedish Innovation Agency), the European Regional Development Fund and a number of public institutions, universities and companies in Central Sweden. Please visit for further information.


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We enable commercial success of new robot innovations; focusing on solutions for the industry, service and health care. The solutions stem from actual needs, and end users are involved throughout the product development. This gives robot innovations based on market needs. By offering unique test beds for new solutions we also encourage international companies and entrepreneurs to develop their robot innovations and set up business in Sweden. Our vision is to become an internationally established innovation environment by 2019. Robotdalen is funded by the Swedish Innovation Agency VINNOVA, The European Regional Development Fund as well as the industry, academia and public sector in Central Sweden. Learn more at

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