Giraff key player in new EU-project VictoryaHome

The Giraff mobile telepresence solution will be the focal point of a new EU project called VictoryaHome, with the goal to create a “care network” of professionals, family and friends, in support of older adults living independently at home. Care organizations in Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands and Portugal will deploy upwards of 50 Giraffs in older adults homes in support of the project. A targeted outcome of VictoryaHome is to develop and launch a commercial service around the technology created, making the Giraff solution even more valuable for all users.

“We want to support the development of new solutions for the health care sector, that contribute to increased participation and quality of life, especially for caretakers such as older adults living at home”, says Carina Forsman Björkman, Manager at R&D Sörmland in Sweden. “I’m particularly excited that this project includes the health care staff, users and family members in the direct development of the solutions. The project also focuses on the service provided by the technological solution, and not solely on the technology. I believe that is a key factor for successful implementation of new technology within the health care sector in municipalities and county councils”.

The consortium will build a set of communications and information tools that allow caregivers to know the status of the older adult and the home, and even alert them to specific circumstances or problems. It will also allow older adults to request a visit via Giraff from caregivers who are available at the time.   

“VictoryaHome aims to enable people to live their lives the way they choose and help people care for each other in a more pleasant manner,” says Ilse Bierhoff, Project Manager R&D at Stichting Smart Homes in Eersel, The Netherlands, and the VictoryaHome overall Project Coordinator.  “Important values at stake are peace of mind, never being alone, feeling connected, sharing feelings and experiences, helping the helpers, personal care and making caring popular.”

“I am enthusiastic about this consortium’s focus on a commercial result from the project start,” says Stephen Von Rump, CEO of Giraff Technologies in the city of Västerås, Sweden. “Every member is committed to launching a commercial service based on new capabilities that will go far beyond the Giraff solution as we know it today. And we are integrating the care organization directly into the development process at a level rarely seen in projects like this.”

Regional participation builds international success

Swedish participants in the project are Giraff Technologies and R&D Sörmland County, which aligns well with Robotdalen’s goal to establish the region as a national base enabling international success of new ideas and research within robotics and automation. Giraff Technologies was the first international business establishment for the Swedish robotics cluster Robotdalen, when the company moved from Silicon Valley in the US to Sweden, a few years back. The company has, before this project, sold 60 units in eight countries and has six employees.

Facts about the Ambient Assisted Living project VictoryaHome:

  • The project is funded by the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL JP) in call 5 with the topic –“ICT-based Solutions for Management of Daily Life Activities of Older Adults at Home”.
  • It spans over three years from April 2013 – March 2016.
  • It is coordinated by Stichting Smart Homes in Eersel, The Netherlands.
  • The project has a total budget of 2,4 MEUR across the entire consortium
  • The Swedish participation is coordinated by VINNOVA.
  • The participating organizations are:
  • •         Stichting Smart Homes, The Netherlands
    • Funksjonshemmedes Fellesorganisasjon in Norway
    • •         GroenekruisDomicura in the Netherlands
    • •         SOS International in Norway
    • •         Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine in Norway
    • •         Bluecaring in Portugal
    • •         Giraff Technologies in Sweden
    • •         Tromsø Telemedicine Consult in Norway
    • •         R&D Sörmland in Sweden

For further information please contact:

Adam Hagman, Business Development Health Robotics, Robotdalen, phone +46 (0)70 30 55 441, e-mail

Stephen von Rump, CEO Giraff Technologies, phone +46 (0) 73 04 70 129, e-mail

Carina Forsman Björkman, Manager R&D Sörmland, phone +46 (0)16 541 4031, e-mail

Robotdalen is a Swedish robotics initiative with the mission to enable commercial success of new ideas and research within robotics & automation. Robotdalen is financed by VINNOVA (the Swedish Innovation Agency), the European Regional Development Fund and a number of public institutions, universities and companies in Central Sweden. Please visit for further information.


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