The eating assistance device Bestic – with an appetite for the whole world

Bestic is a unique innovation for those who want to eat on their own, instead of being fed by someone. It is an eating assistance device easy to use for people with difficulty to move their arms and hands. Production has kicked off and 50 Bestic devices are now available for eager customers. In May the company Bestic AB is one of the main sponsors for the COTEC Congress of Occupational Therapy, a European conference taking place in Stockholm. An excellent opportunity to make new business contacts before launching Bestic in new countries.

The product is intended for people who by accident, neurological disease or congenital disorder have impaired functioning of arms and hands. People with rheumatoid arthritis and the elderly are others that may need eating assistance. Bestic is designed for a dinner table and has a neat design, smooth motion and operates quietly.

- Meals affect our general well being and those who have tried the product expresses an immense relief and joy in being able to eat on their own, says Catharina Borgenstierna, Managing Director at Bestic AB. When using the device you decide which food items that should be lifted from the plate to your mouth, using a keypad or joystick to make it happen.

May 24-27, Bestic AB is one of the main sponsors of the COTEC Congress of Occupational Therapy, a European conference taking place in Stockholm. The event is an excellent opportunity to spread the word about Bestic and make valuable business contacts for future launching in new countries.

Invaluable support from Robotdalen
The Swedish robotics cluster Robotdalen aims at establishing Technology for Independent Life as a new growth industry, in which new technological solutions for the health care sector are developed. Solutions giving individuals better quality of life, and improving the working conditions for the health care staff. Bestic is an excellent example of such a solution.

- Moving from product development to production is a huge step for a small business and I can’t emphasize enough how valuable the support from Robotdalen has been for us throughout this process, Catharina Borgenstierna concludes.

For further information please visit or You can also contact: Catharina Borgenstierna, Managing Director at Bestic AB, phone +46 (0)73 393 00 07, e-mail or Jessica Karlsson, Communications Manager at Robotdalen, phone +46 (0)19 25 32 91, e-mail

Robotdalen is a Swedish robotics initiative with the mission to enable commercial success of new ideas and research within robotics & automation. Robotdalen is financed by VINNOVA (the Swedish Innovation Agency), the European Regional Development Fund and a number of public institutions, universities and companies in Central Sweden. Please visit for further information.


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