Black Friday comes early at Rude Wrappings

For many years we have waited until Black Friday to offer big discounts on our exclusive range of gift wrapping papers. However, after analysing our web stats it seemed that an earlier sale would achieve better results and traction.

Therefore, if you are a fan of Black Friday, and also a fan of Rude Wrappings, set your clocks back a week, because we have started our sale of products today. All main wrapping papers have been reduced from £2.80 to just £0.50 for the weekend, and when we sell out of products, we will have sold out for good, as the business embarks on a year of reflection and a whole new product line in the sights for 2016.

Rudey Loves commented: 'Our paper has always been nasty, but now we are cheap as well. Stack it high and sell it cheap. If it works for Lidl, it will work for us.'