Tis the season to be Jolly - New wrapping papers announced

Here at Rudey Loves, we do spend most of our time sitting around watching boxsets on demand, which means that not an awful lot gets done (apart from eating crisps).

However, in a rare spark of entrepreneurial and creative momentum, last week we decided to update/rehash/unplug/format/goforit and decided we wanted to share some new papers and products for the jolly season ahead.

We will be launching our new papers over the coming weeks (First week of November) and attached is just a little teaser of what we have available, working on one of our themes of 'Christmas Creatures' and taking all the lovely little animals and beasties from nature who are associated with the yule, and giving them a right Rudey makeover.

Papers will be launched exclusively in the first week or November, and if you would like a full list of papers then simply subscribe to our newsletter.