Risk of choking from jelly confectionery

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According to information received by the Finnish Food Authority, jelly confectionery that might cause a risk of choking has been placed on the market in Finland. Under Regulation (EC) No 1333/2008 on food additives, the substances E 400, E 401, E 402, E 403, E 404, E 406, E 407, E 407a, E 410, E 412, E 413, E 414, E 415, E 417, E 418, E 425 and E 440 may not be used in jelly mini-cups, defined as jelly confectionery of a firm consistence, contained in semi rigid mini-cups or mini-capsules, intended to be ingested in a single bite by exerting pressure on the mini-cups or mini-capsule to project the confectionery into the mouth. The confectionery concerned may, together with the size and shape of the product, cause a risk of choking.

The confectionery is originally from Taiwan and has been sold under a different name and in different packages. Confectionery sold in bags or plastic jars forms a cup-shaped individual pack. The product names are at least:

  • Girl Jelly Fruity Bites
  • Boy Jelly Fruity Bites
  • Fruitery Jelly Assorted Jar
  • Fruitery Jelly Assorted Bag
  • Pentagon Cup Jelly Snacks Bag
  • Pentagon Cup Taro (Bag)
  • Pentagon Cup Taro (Jar)
  • Assorted Jelly Snack

The products have been widely sold in Finland particularly in grocery stores selling Asian foods.

The local authorities have ensured that the products concerned are no longer on sale at the points of sale that they know sell them. 

Because of the risk of choking, consumers should destroy these and similar products. Mika Varjonen, Senior Inspector, is the person handling the matter at the Finnish Food Authority, tel. +358 50 3868 416, firstname.lastname@ruokavirasto.fi

Photos of one of the products:


Frutery Jelly.


Jellys in small cups.