CAS Trips Launches First IB-focused Student Travel Programs in Bhutan

Global student travel tour operator CAS Trips launches their first Asia trip in Bhutan. As of today, CAS Trips will be traveling to Bhutan with middle- and high school students and teachers from around the world to introduce them to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the positive impact of sustainable tourism.

These customizable trips, provide students and teachers the opportunity to explore the monasteries, mountains, rivers and cities of this stunning country to gain an unforgettable first-hand insight into Bhutan’s incredible implementation of Gross National Happiness, Carbon Negativity, Buddhism and the country’s commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, while integrating the 7 Learning Outcomes that are the core of International Baccalaureate educational programs.

Director of CAS Trips Simon Armstrong says, “The concepts of Gross National Happiness and Carbon Negativity are the backbone of our Bhutan itinerary and very much resonate with our company philosophy, which focuses strongly on sustainable tourism and making a positive impact when traveling.”

Gross National Happiness is the measure of collective happiness and well-being of a population whilst Carbon Negativity describes the activity of removing more CO2 from the atmosphere than is being created. By law, a minimum of 60% of Bhutan must be covered by forest. Combined with minimal pollution and the promotion of organic farming methods, this has resulted in Bhutan becoming the world’s only carbon-negative country.  

The brand-new Bhutan itinerary can be tailored to specific schools and their curriculums. To find out more head over to: or contact Simon directly at

Natascha Rupp
PR & Marketing Director

CAS Trips is an all-inclusive educational tour operator. CAS Trips tackles the UN Sustainable Development Goals whilst engaging in volunteer projects across the world. Together with schools, CAS Trips aims to make a genuine, sustainable impact by taking students and teachers on customizable school trips.





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