Cempedak & Nikoi Islands Select Rupp Public Relations as DACH PR Consultancy

MUNICH – Cempedak and Nikoi Islands select independent PR consultancy Rupp Public Relations GmbH to manage their communications across Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The Munich-based PR consultancy specializes in inspiring travelers to experience destinations that operate sustainably. The communications strategy behind the two Indonesian sister-islands is therefore embedded in the concept of sustainable tourism.

Founder and Managing Director, Natascha Rupp says, “We are thrilled to be spreading the word about Cempedak and Nikoi Island’s initiatives, especially as sustainability continues to gain importance in the German-speaking market. Andrew Dixon’s visionary Cempedak and Nikoi Island are the most sustainable hotels we have in our portfolio. They are going above and beyond to achieve carbon neutrality whilst improving their local economy.”

Cempedak and Nikoi prove to travelers that sustainability does not mean relinquishing luxury. Every villa at Nikoi comes with a private pool that is filled with salt water and cleaned by solar-powered energy efficient variable speed pumps. Both properties create a set menu based on seasonal ingredients and availability to reduce food waste, whilst locally sourcing all food from the islands’ kitchen gardens, mainland farm and the island fishing farm.

Wander here to experience more aspects of sustainable luxury: https://www.cempedak.com/ & http://www.nikoi.com/.

Natascha Rupp | Rupp Public Relations GmbH

t: +491735975775 | e: natascha@rupp-pr.com

Rupp Public Relations GmbH was founded in 2016 and has since specialized in communicating on behalf of sustainable travel and tourism brands. The firm defines sustainable tourism as “the act of traveling in a way that future generations get to experience the cultures and landscapes we experience today, whilst helping local economies grow, and improving the lives of communities living where we travel to.” Rupp Public Relations GmbH consults with energy experts and environmentalists to ensure its clients operate in the most sustainable fashion. 





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