Efficient machining with SabriScanMethod® manufacturing methods

SabriScanMethod® manufacturing methods are suitable for the manufacture of individual, complex, or large machine parts. Typical components and products to be manufactured are individual pieces and short series based on 3D geometry information. Examples are e.g. gears and segments, pelton and Kaplan turbines, conveyor and transmission and lifting equipment components such as conveyor, crane and elevator transmission parts and components, process industry spare parts, gearboxes, hydraulic blocks for large machines and vehicles, slides and wear parts.

We also manufacture prototypes of large engine blocks and covers and perform manufacturability analyses in the right production environment. Before starting the actual mass production, we can test the machining methods and deliver the test parts, protos and first series to the end customer. We can transfer the finished machining methods with their parameters and cutting tools either to the end customer's own production or to the production of the desired subcontractor.

SabriScan Oy offers special machining for repairs and alterations during maintenance and downtime of industrial plants. Traditional machining shops are reluctant to do these demanding jobs. SabriScanMethod® processes are perfectly suited for these.  

We use 4- and 5-axis machine tools for machining large parts with a maximum workpiece size of almost 20,000 kg. For high-precision workpieces, we have super-precision high-speed machining centers.

As machined materials, we master special steels that are difficult to machine, various casting materials and non-ferrous metals. SabriScanMethod® is a combination of methods, manufacturing processes, multi-axis CNC machines and excellence.

In Finland, at the SabriScan Center of Expertise in Riihimäki, we manufacture and develop our methods with an annual capacity of 30,000 hours of machining. The international network coordinated by SabriScan has more than 100,000 hours of high-precision CNC machining per year. SabriScan has coached its supplier field and transferred its SabriScanMethod® know-how to them. In this way, SabriScan can meet even larger entities in Europe and Asia by acting as an integrator for customer needs. 

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Managing Director, CEO, Jari Kokkonen
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SabriScan is a Finnish growth company, which was established in 1998 and which internationally manufactures moulds. The company’s competitive advantage is a unique business model in the industry. The business model is based on the global delivery of moulds, local service partnerships and a globally sizeable manufacturing capacity. SabriScan’s growth of turnover, ability to produce results and financial position are strong.