Hrvatski Crveni Kriz invests in their third RescueRunner system

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To continue the development of their water rescue capabilities, the Croatian Red Cross is now investing in yet another RescueRunner system. It is the third system to be delivered to them and the goal is to include their specialist life-saving-units-on-water in the national emergency 112 system, for search-and rescue on rivers, lakes etc. All done in close cooperation with the Croatian Ministry of Sea. 


The Croatian Red Cross plays a vital role in Croatia, being responsible for the water rescue capabilities and it is very encouraging that they now choose to invest in their third RescueRunner system for this purpose. 

During 2019 Hrvatski Crveni Kriz was responsible for:

  • Trainings for lifeguards – 300 new lifeguards trained and certified,
  • 550 lifeguards worked on 200 beaches and pools across the Republic of Croatia
  • Lifeguards had over 1300 beach and or pool interventions
  • 40 lives were saved
  • Preventive activities for reducing water accidents that include preventative workshops, swimming schools, flyer distribution and picture books with the water safety code
  • Red Cross lifeguard clubs - on-call duty to monitor and ensure participant safety during
  • events (races, triathlons, etc.) at sea,
  • Education of lifeguards who are members of specialist teams for saving lives in floods and accidents at sea,

In 2020 they plan to include their specialist life-saving-units-on-the-water in the national emergency 112 system, for search-and rescue on rivers, lakes etc. All done in close cooperation with the Croatian Ministry of Sea. 

One of the RescueRunner systems will be stationed in Dubrovnik but the other two are not decided where to be placed yet but it will probably be in Pula or Riejka.

"The close cooperation we have established with the international Red Cross organisations and especially with Hrvatski Crveni Kriz is extremely valuable to us. Their trust in our products sends a clear signal to other NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations) and volonteer organisations around the world involved in SAR (search and rescue) operations that need a robust, user-friendly, strong och flexible boat.  Safe at Sea's mission is to save lives at sea and it is a great honor to work with these heroes within the Red Cross and to see what great tools our products are to them in their operations", says Linda Ahl, Vice President Sales and Business Development, Safe at Sea AB(publ). 

This information is information that Safe at Sea AB is obliged to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the contact person set out above, on 12 March 2020.


Hrvatski Crveni Kriz RescueRunner 3


Linda Ahl
Vice President Sales and Business Development

Safe at Sea AB designs, manufactures and sells light, flexible och cost effecient Search-and Rescue SAR systems. These systems contribute to saving lives and optimizing SAR operations around the world and are likely to be the most effecient systems in the world when it comes to rescuing casualties out of the water. The systems involve personal equipment, operating methods, launch-and recovery solutions as well as training. The fundament of Safe at Seas product portfolio is the RescueRunner, SafeRunner, FireRunner and GuardRunner. The company is based in Göteborg, Sweden and listed on the Spotlight stockmarket since the 10th January 2008.