One RescueRunner system ordered to French Fire Rescue Services

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We are very pleased to announce that another Fire Rescue Services department in France have ordered a RescueRunner system.

Through our French distributor Fire Technologies Eurl, another Fire Rescue Service department in France order a RescueRunner system. The Fire Rescue Service department will primarily use the new RescueRunner for increased water rescue capacity in the event of floodings and on inland waters in the area.

The RescueRunner system is a very flexible and efficient boat system that can operate in shallow and inaccessible waters and crucial for the Fire Rescue Service department’s choice of boat system was the RescueRunner unbeatable durability, the manoeuvrability, the water jet propulsion enabling operations in shallow water and the unique ability to clean the water jet from above through the water jet cleaning hatch.

The RescueRunner system was once developed by the Swedish Sea Rescue Organisation for rescue missions in shallow and rocky areas where other boats cannot go. The RescueRunner system is well proven in these missions by several other Fire Rescue Service departments and we hope that other departments will follow and integrate the RescueRunner system into their fleets.

We are very happy that more and more fire rescue services globally discover the versatility and usability of  the RescueRunner system. In France in particular, we see an increased interest in our various boat systems and we look forward to the continued market activities. We are very grateful for the Fire Rescue Department trusting and selecting our products and we wish them all the best, says Henrik Hartman, CEO at Safe at Sea AB (publ).

The RescueRunner system will be delivered in Q1 2023.

Order value approx SEK 408 000

More information:

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Safe at Sea AB designs, manufactures and sells light, flexible och cost effecient Search-and Rescue SAR systems. These systems contribute to saving lives and optimizing SAR operations around the world and are likely to be the most effecient systems in the world when it comes to rescuing casualties out of the water. The systems involve personal equipment, operating methods, launch-and recovery solutions as well as training. The fundament of Safe at Seas product portfolio is the RescueRunner, SafeRunner, FireRunner and GuardRunner. The company is based in Göteborg, Sweden and listed on the Spotlight Stockmarket since the 10th January 2008. 





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