Salmones Camanchaca is the First Salmon Company to Register with the Huella Chile Emissions Reduction Program

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Salmones Camanchaca became on Monday 26 November the first salmon company to register with the Huella Chile Program from the Chilean Ministry of the Environment.
This program is designed to encourage public and private-sector companies to quantify, report and manage their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The Company was recognized last Friday at a ceremony presided over by Minister Carolina Schmidt and the Chief of Governance and Sustainable Development Program
at the United Nations Development Programme, Pamela Toranzos. At the event, Salmones Camanchaca was awarded a certificate for “Greenhouse Gas Quantification.”

To attain this recognition, Salmones Camanchaca quantified its GHG emissions for the year 2017. The process, advised by GreenTicket and audited by Deloitte Chile,
culminated with the use of the Huella Chile calculation tool, hosted on the RETC Single Window System from the Ministry of the Environment.
The Vice Chairman of Salmones Camanchaca, Ricardo García, expressed his appreciation for the recognition and the Company’s efforts to begin systematically measuring its carbon footprint, adding that
“Sustainability, and especially caring for the environment, are fundamental to our company's long-term success. Our first carbon footprint measurement coincides with the publication of our fourth annual sustainability report,
which transparently discloses our progress and pending challenges in these matters. Together, they demonstrate our responsible goodwill towards the environment. We trust that we can reduce our GHG emissions over the next few years.”



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