Breakthrough technology for the shipping industry invented at SaltX Future Energy Hack

-An idea that can save 1000EUR/hour for cruise ship companies 

SaltX just awarded the SaltX Future Energy hackathon winners with a generous bundle of gifts from the hackathon sponsors – STHLM Tech Fest, Norrsken, and others. SaltX Technology is fostering innovation, development and commercialization of new products that use SaltX nano-coated salts. A huge focus for the salt innovation company is sustainable energy storage and compliance with the sustainable development goals from the United Nations. 

During the hackathon innovators addressed the goal to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels and increase the resilience towards the energy needs on islands. The winning team invented a way to store heat energy on cruise ships and keep the massive ship engines off at harbors. The idea was greeted with applause at STHLM Tech Fest opening speech! 

The second hackathon for SaltX was a first in many ways. It was the first hackathon in the world where a team collaborated online over several countries and continents and later pitched online. It was also the first time SaltX handed out a SaltX Innovation Award which drew attention to the highly innovative spirit of one team who found a completely novel solution to use salts in building construction and maintenance. 

About the participants 
SaltX welcomed participants from numerous countries such as Mongolia, Taiwan, China, India, Germany, Italy and several more. Two teams out of six flew in from other countries to participate in the events. In addition, one team participated completely online with members working out of Sweden, India and China. 

About the Hack partners 
During the hackathon numerous speakers and coaches helped to inspire the entrepreneurs and other SaltX followers. Companies such as Northvolt, Above, Handelsbanken, WellstreetAxFoundationNorrsken to name a few helped all the teams to develop new solutions. 

About the jury 
The jury who appointed the winners was represented by actors from the various important parts of starting a company in the energy sector, ranging from experienced entrepreneurs and energy experts to investors. 

The jury consisted of the following members: 

Alexander C. Hedvall, Sustainability officer 

Claes Lundin, Founder & CEO   

Corey Blackman, Head of Product Engineering 
SaltX Technology    

Sïmon Saneback, Founding partner & CCO  

Mats Landen, Head of Corporate Partnerships 

About the prizes 
The hackathon winner team claims 200 000 SEK value of prizes such as access to the STHLM Tech Fest VIP Dinner and conference passes, 2 months free membership at Norrsken House, 50 000 SEK value in IP validation from Bergenståhle & Partners, coaching from Above Agency, RI.SE, SaltX Demo Tubes and Premium membership at SaltX Labs and more. 

The winners of SaltX Future Energy Hack 

The winning team:  
Felix Schimek, Jonathan Graesser, Faisal Sedeqi, Maximilian Fey, and Mazyar Moghadam  

SaltX Innovation award:  
Gerald Lindner, Huibert Spoorenberg, Jessica Bardella 
About SaltX Technology 
SaltX Technology - develops and sells patented energy storage technology. Main customers are major global OEM partners and energy companies such as Alfa Laval, Vattenfall, Mobile Climate Control and RheemSaltX Technology's share is listed on NASDAQ First North Premier in Stockholm. SaltX Technology’s Certified Adviser is FNCA Sweden AB. 

For further information, please contact: 
Karl Bohman, CEO, tel: +46 70 560 02 68 
Eric Jacobson, Head of Growth, tel: +46 73 643 16 94  

September 3, 2018 

About Us

SaltX Technology is an award-winning company in Sweden which has developed a worldwide patented ground-breaking nano technology, storing energy in salt for an unlimited amount of time to provide heating and/or cooling. The company is primary focusing on large scale energy storage, which is required to deal with the inconsistency of renewable energy supply. SaltX´s innovation, built with nano-coated salt technology, is a circular thermal energy storage solution that provides peak shifting to energy grid providers, industrial and commercial customers. With a low cost SaltX Energy Storage is enabling the full transition to renewable energy, globally.