SaltX Technology´s innovation – charging reactor with several areas of use

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In 2021, the energy storage company SaltX Technology developed a new technology for charging its energy storage material. The purpose of the development project is to prepare the energy storage to be able to handle even higher powers and temperatures. The trials are showing promising results, and the development of the technology will continue in 2022.

In recent years, the company has gone from a strategy that focuses on energy storage materials to today focusing on the entire energy storage system - EnerStore. The system includes both charging and discharging reactors, subsystems, and energy storage materials.

At the beginning of 2021, SaltX decided to collaborate with the Australian company, Calix Ltd, to develop a charging reactor adapted for the pilot energy storage plant in Bollmora, Stockholm. The Calix reactor has proven to work well, which SaltX has communicated. The technology fulfills its purpose and function and the collaboration between the companies will continue.

SaltX's vision is to provide cities and industries with competitive large-scale energy storage that can enable a shift to a renewable energy system. Therefore, a parallel development project of a charging reactor has been underway to reach even higher powers and temperatures, that allows for even larger projects and broader energy storage application areas.

“The development of our new charging reactor has been successful, and we are pleased to present a product under development. Our new product will give us more control over the entire energy storage”, says Carl-Johan Linér, CEO of SaltX.

In the work with the new internally developed charging reactor, other areas of use have also been identified. The technology provides the opportunity to heat materials to very high temperatures and with efficient scaling. This means that it also makes it possible to use the technology in the industry for calcination (a process in which solids are modified by high temperature heating).

The company has applied for the new reactor technology to be patented.

For further information, please contact:
Carl-Johan Linér, CEO, +46 70 532 08 08
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Stockholm, 2022-02-17