Samco Machinery's Heavy Duty Purlin Rollforming Machine

Samco’s heavy duty, high efficiency rollforming line produces C, U, and Z purlins. Equipped with fast and easy automatic changeovers and industry leading throughputs, this all-in-one system eliminates the need for multiple lines.The double duplex design is set up for variable web, leg, and return dimensions with no tool change. Innovative tooling design allows C, U, and Z profiles to be run on one line and pre-punch and pre-cut strips minimize die costs, allowing for quick die changes to greatly reduce production downtime.

The ‘punch anywhere’ solution provides maximum flexibility with hole locations. Up to 4 punches can be programmed to punch in any position along the strip. Side discharge system can be added for punching blanks.

Optional coil car loading system helps maximize throughput by staging coils for reduced changeover times. The machine can also do uneven flange heights.

To learn more please contact:

Steve Kagan

Marketing Coordinator

416-285-0619 x 229

Quick facts

produces C, U, and Z purlins
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programmable punch anywhere solution
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pre-cut strips minimize die costs
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