SameSystem announces a customer agreement with Magasin

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Company Announcement No. 12-2021
Copenhagen, December 29, 2021

Inside information

SameSystem A/S has signed a contract with one of Denmark’s biggest department store chains, Magasin. SameSystem’s workforce management solution will be implemented in all Magasin’s seven department stores across Denmark.

The agreement is a significant agreement which strengthens SameSystem’s position on the Danish retail market.

SameSystem A/S ARR guidance for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2022, remains unchanged at DKK 59.5 mio.

About Magasin
Magasin is a Danish department store chain with seven locations across the country. The chain traces its roots back to 1868 and is known for creating excellent customer experiences and offering a wide selection of luxury fashion brands. In recent years, Magasin has also become a digital forerunner with a large online presence and a competitive web shop.


SameSystem A/S
Henrik Salicath, CEO
Mobile (+45) 81 45 26 10
SameSystem A/S
Rentemestervej 2A, 2400 København NV, Denmark

Certified Advisor
Grant Thornton
Jesper Skaarup Vestergaard
Grant Thornton,
Stockholmsgade 45, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark

About SameSystem A/S
SameSystem A/S provides a cloud-based workforce management solution, tailored for retailers and foodservice businesses. The solution helps increase sales and minimize expenses with accurate and effortless planning, using forecasting and other cutting-edge technologies to secure the right amount of staffing on an hourly basis.

SameSystem is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark and has offices in Spain, the UK, France, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden and Lithuania. The workforce management solution is implemented all over Europe.

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