SAS Cargo back with freighter from New York/JFK to Copenhagen

SAS Cargo back with freighter from New York/JFK to Copenhagen - In cooperation with Korean Air Cargo, SAS Cargo will commence a weekly all-freighter operation from September 05, 2003 An increased demand from customers to be able to send larger and more complicated consignments, combined with the prospect of changes in the SAS route net are the main reasons for the new, three-year agreement with Korean Air Cargo. SAS Cargo wishes to supplement its current cargo capacity onboard the daily SAS passenger flight from New York to Copenhagen with a weekly Boeing 747-400 freighter. - We are very happy about the new agreement with Korean Air Cargo. It gives us opportunities, once again, to offer our customers a product which disappeared after the 9-11 terrorist attacks. At that time US authorities decided that certain types of air cargo had to be flown by all-cargo freighters. However, the agreement will also make up for the loss of capacity we will suffer when SAS changes its route programme and removes one of the daily flights between New York and Copenhagen, says Peter Grønlund, President and CEO of SAS Cargo Group A/S. Peter Grønlund adds that the new deal will enhance the customers' abilty to send odd-sized freight with SAS Cargo - freight that, due to its physical shape, does not fit onboard passenger airplanes. - None of our WOW -alliance partners operates from the American east coast directly to Scandinavia, so they were not able to help us. Therefore, the new agreement with Korean Air Cargo is an obvious alternative, from which we expect a great deal. SAS Cargo is now the only airline to bring in a freighter direct from the American east coast to Copenhagen, says Peter Grønlund. Last time SAS Cargo had all- freighter operations from New York to Copenhagen was in 1998. The first departure from JFK is Friday, September 5th, at 22.30 hours (local time), and it will arrive at Copenhagen Saturday the 6th at 12.00 (local time). During the weekend SAS Cargo will then distribute the cargo to its Scandinavian destinations so customers will be able to receive it Monday morning. For further information: Director International Sales, SAS Cargo, Jarl Frithiof: +45 32 32 22 92 Director Cargo North America, SAS Cargo, Howard Jones: +1 973 960 5553 Press Officer, SAS Cargo Group A/S, Ulrik Marschall: +45 32 32 67 33 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: