Loyalty program Club Premier ‘makes magic with analytics’ using SAS®

SAS® Analytics helps understand member behavior, preferences to help commercial partners customize communications

As a leading loyalty program, Club Premier knows the importance of creating strong brand affinity and improving customer satisfaction. Club Premier uses SAS® Analytics to understand its members more deeply and personalize communications that focus on their preferences. A recent report, Keeping Customers: Successful Loyalty Through Analytics from SAS and the International Institute for Analytics (IIA), found that organizations with “highly effective” loyalty programs are likely to emphasize customer experience.

Club Premier, initially the loyalty program for Aeroméxico airline, is jointly owned by Grupo Aeroméxico and Canadian loyalty company Aimia. Its 3.5 million members earn and spend points with more than 100 commercial partners – financial institutions, retailers, hotels and travel providers, etc.

Member transactions generate volumes of data that Club Premier collects, applying analytics to extract valuable information on their preferences. The resulting intelligence helps Club Premier build targeted marketing campaigns and customize communications, with the goal of making customers more loyal.

“Information is the most valuable thing we own. Data is our main source of knowledge and action, it’s our raw material,” said Manuel Alejandro Sánchez Vega, CRM Manager at Club Premier. “At the end of the day, we are an information company and SAS has been the best option to work with our data. You can make magic with analytics.”

For example, a member often fits into multiple segments. When this happens, Club Premier uses SAS to forecast which segment is the best fit to increase loyalty and profitability. Club Premier recently showed one of its partners that it was assigning certain customers to the wrong segment. The resulting promotion, using the amended intelligence, reaped a stunning 60 percent response rate.

“SAS provides the analytics so we can base segmentations on tendencies, preferences, origins and behaviors. We use that to help our commercial partners create more targeted and profitable campaigns,” added Sánchez Vega.

“Loyalty is a corporate differentiator – not merely a marketing program,” said Wilson Raj, Global Director of Customer Intelligence for SAS. “Loyalty leaders go beyond rewards to recognize and engage customers in all stages of their brand experience.”

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