SBHoldco PLC - Redemption of Bond

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SB Holdco PLC (the “Company”)

Senior secured floating rate bonds in an amount up to EUR 60 million due 13 July 2022 (ISIN: NO001 0828098) issued by the Company pursuant to terms and conditions dated 12 July 2018 (the “Bond”)

Redemption of the Bond

Today, on 30 July 2021, a notice was sent to Nordic Trustee & Agency AB (publ), the security agent, and all the holders of the Bond (the "Bondholders") for the conditional voluntary total early redemption of the Bond in accordance with Clause 9.5 (Voluntary total redemption (Call Option)) of the terms and conditions for the Bond (the "Redemption").

The redemption date is 2 September 2021.

The Redemption is conditional upon the Company successfully securing the funds for the disbursement of the Bond. Should the Condition not be fulfilled on or prior 31 August 2021, the Redemption will not occur which will, in such case, be confirmed to the Bondholders by way of separate notice.

The outstanding amount owed by the Company will be disbursed to each person who is registered as a direct registered owner or whose holding is registered in the name of a nominee with respect to a Bond at the latest by 9 a.m. CET on 31 August 2021 in the Company's debt register.

The full notice sent to Nordic Trustee & Agency AB (publ) and all the Bondholders can be found in the attached PDF document.

For more information, please contact

Michael Galliford, Chief Financial Officer

Tel: +44(0)1276 802000