SBHoldco Plc - Redemption of Nordic Bonds

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SB Holdco PLC (“Company”)

Senior secured callable floating rate bonds in an amount up to EUR 60 million due 13 July 2022 (ISIN: NO001 0828098) issued by the Company pursuant to terms and conditions dated 12 July 2018 (“Nordic Bonds”)

Redemption of Nordic Bonds 

On 19 June 2021, an agreement was entered into between the shareholders of SB Topco Limited (the “Sellers”), the Company’s parent company, and an SPV of Epiris Fund II, advised by Epiris LLP, relating to the sale and purchase of the entire issued share capital of SB Topco Limited (“Agreement”). Completion of the Agreement is conditional on: (i) regulatory consent ; and (ii) the Nordic Bonds having been redeemed and repaid in full by the Company (“Bond Redemption Condition”). Epiris may waive the Bond Redemption Condition by providing written notice to the Sellers.

It is therefore likely that prior to completion of the Agreement, the Company will give notice to the holders of the Nordic Bonds that it intends to redeem and repay the Nordic Bonds and the Company will then redeem and repay the Nordic Bonds as soon as reasonably practicable after the expiry of the 20 business days' notice period required for the redemption of the Nordic Bonds.  The Company will make a further announcement on this in due course.

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Michael Galliford, Chief Financial Officer